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Heroes International Updates from Gregg Montella

Gregg is staying in the region, working to help those in need. We are updating this page daily, sometimes twice daily with his direct updates.  He and his team are working the Ukrainian border right now getting refugees to safety around the clock. But he needs YOUR help.

To support Heroes International in real time with their real time work with Ukranian refugees go to:  to donate securely
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January 15, 2022

TESTING πŸ”₯ πŸͺ΅ 🏠 ! Another HAPPY RECIPIENT! Check out that smile! 

“Every heart needs a home,” and that’s why it’s my pleasure to team up with friends at Miy Dim  to help the process. They’re amazing, and worth supporting! Just five g’s gives a family of up to 4 people EVERYTHING they need until they can build back better. 

This week, tile on the floor, bricks around the stove, and finishing touches inside & out, and Nicolae & wife MOVE IN here ON THEIR OWN LAND!

We’re working overtime to give warm, safe, functional houses.  Perhaps you, your office, your church, social group, or group of best buds would like to sponsor a home or part of a home? 

Our factory, workers, and precious displaced families are standing by! Ask me how you can link up with us! 

January 14, 2022

A couple of hours ago, people lived here, on Saturday moms probably cooked goodies, dads played with children, dreamed, and made plans for Sunday.. At this moment, many of them are slowly dying under the piles of concrete crushed by the debris of their homes. this is not a war, this is terrorism and premeditated murder by the orders of the terrorist Putin. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈA couple of hours ago, people lived here, on Saturday, mothers probably cooked goodies, fathers played with their children, dreamed, made plans for Sunday .. At this moment, many of them are slowly dying under the rubble of concrete under of their house .. this is not a war, this is terrorism and deliberate assassination of terrorist putin by his orders. #prayforukraine

January 14, 2022


How’s your Saturday morning going? Here’s mine:


January 14, 2022

Meet NICOLAE! He had a premonition (I believe it was God speaking to him) a day before the war to take his wife, kids, & grandkids away from their home. So he did, and the NEXT DAY their entire village fell under attack for two solid weeks, and was occupied for two month. His house & all belongings were burned to a crisp, but he & his family survived. Because of the BIG HEARTS of our Local Heroes @dmitriy_ryaboy & the @miy_dim_team, Nikolae now has a SAFE, WARM home UNDER CONSTRUCTION for he & his wife to live in, on their own property, for the rest of their lives or until they rebuild. TODAY, we installed ANOTHER LIFESAVING wood burning πŸ”₯ STOVE, just for Nik! THANK YOU to all who empower us to keep so many precious people alive, housed, warm, & toasty this bitter cold winter! πŸ™ πŸ’ͺ πŸ”₯ πŸͺ΅ 🏠 🌲 ❀️

January 13, 2022

Oh yes! HARD AT WORK to get ANOTHER woodburning stove into ANOTHER HOME for a another wonderful elderly couple! Oh yes!!!

January 10, 2023  

Mindless monsters… IF any one of their excuses/justifications were true, they’re the most inept, corrupt, misguided, murderous, perverse, genocidal, inefficient, bumbling, ineffective force in the history of the world. 

“Biolab” destruction should take the destruction of *thousands* of civilian homes & apartment buildings. 

“NATO expansion is a threat to us,” and they actually think attacking a non-NATO member that borders TWO NATO nations is the way to convince NATO that NATO isn’t needed? 

NATO doesn’t need or want anything Russian — they just want to protect nations from Russia’s never-ending attempts at expansionism. Russia has NEVER been a good neighbor to any nation. Ask Central Asia, Georgia, Moldova, Finland, or Ukraine. 

“Ukraine is corrupt” Really? And killing 600,000 innocent people in cold blood, razing inhabited cities, targeting hospitals, maternity wards, playgrounds at peak hours, schools, fire stations, and aid workers isn’t corrupt? Sure, there are people in Ukraine that are corrupt (just like in any emerging post-Soviet state) — and these individuals are cancerous tumors that must be excised. Make no mistake — this war started because Russia 1. Has ALWAYS wanted to destroy and occupy Ukraine, and 2. The anti-corruption developments in Ukraine, if accomplished, would surely spill into Russia, and therefore upend their antiquated, fascist,  authoritarian regime and entire way of doing government and business. 

The majority of Russians want this war because, in general, they’d rather switch of their brain and let a strong man, no matter how good or bad, be responsible for controlling and providing every bit of minutiae of their lives, even at the cost of poverty, no real chance of forward momentum, or a one-way ticket out of a high rise window. 

Ukrainians, on the other hand, don’t want ANYONE telling them what to do. They want freedom, liberty. A small government that actually supports their individual ambitions. They want to have a voice, a chance, to be the masters of their own destinies. They’re more American in this respect than many Americans are today. 

The war they’re fighting today has become two-fold: 1.  To defend their families & homeland against the swarms of Russian locust that leave only dust and blood in their path, and 2. A war against corruption and soviet-style leadership and mentalities that have done as much damage in 30 years of independence as Russia has done in 10 months. 

Regardless of the RIDICULOUS excuses Mr. Putin’s trolls & sycophants crank out, Ukraine will win. Liberty & Justice for All will be the New Ukrainian standard, and this nation will truly be the new center of the free world.

January 7, 2023  

Merry Orthodox Christmas!!! WHAT’S UNDER THE TREE 🌲 this year for my pastor/chaplain friend @andreylapenyuk — 11 bulletproof vests!!! Courtesy Heroes International, of course!  HIS TEAM RETURNS TO THE EAST with a mountain of food for the hungry, stoves for the freezing, and hearts burning to share His love with those in harm’s way.  Honored to call him friend, and be a part of this Christmas miracle.  πŸŒŸ 🌲 🎁 πŸͺ– ⛑️ πŸ’ͺ πŸ™

January 5, 2023 


ON FIRE πŸ”₯ to build & give homes to families NOW!

ONLY 5,000 for EVERY SINGLE THING they need to stay alive, warm, & cozy!

See comments for how to make the magic happen for precious people!


January 2, 2023

2023 Plan

1. Resourcing Ukrainian & Russian Churches
2. Initiating "Adopt-a-Soldier's Recovery Program"
3. Continued Emergency Aid for the Front
4. More spontaneous LIFE-CHANGING Acts of Kindness

December 31, 2022

About 2 PM local time, less than 6 miles from where I’m staying. 

"Russia launched a fresh barrage of missiles across Ukraine on Dec. 31, killing at least one person and wounding at least 28, on New Year’s Eve. 

Multiple regions were targeted during the coordinated strike as Russian missiles slammed into civilian areas in the center, south, east, and west of Ukraine. 

At least eight massive explosions were heard across Kyiv at around 2 p.m. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported that aat least one person was killed in the western Solomianskyi district, warning residents to stay in shelters. "

December 30, 2022

MORE SANTA πŸŽ…πŸΌ WORK! $10,000 worth of lifesaving HEATERS πŸ”₯ , KITCHENS πŸ₯˜ , & water boilers πŸ«– GOING TO PEOPLE who need them… JUST IN TIME!  •••THANKS TO YOU!!!•••
With my NEW FRIEND & local hero Sergey Lysak — this guy is doing AMAZING things to restore his part of this nation. BIG HONOR to team up with him today 

December 29, 2022

My alarm clock this morning — several extremely loud booms. 
What the aggressor doesn’t understand is that EVERY attack only makes us MORE DETERMINED to resist πŸ’ͺ their hate, to share God love ❀️ in practical ways πŸš‘ 🚐 ❄️ πŸͺ΅ πŸ”₯ πŸ₯˜ πŸ₯˜ πŸ₯˜ , to rebuild πŸ”¨ 🏠 , to equip πŸ‘¨‍🏫 πŸ§‘πŸ½‍πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ»‍πŸ’»πŸ©ΊπŸ‘©πŸΌ‍βš•οΈπŸ©», to serve the cause of Liberty πŸ—½ , and to spread  πŸ“– β›ͺ️  the Great News 🩸 πŸ™Œ NO MATTER WHAT, and all the way through to victory ✌️ and beyond!

December 25, 2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2021 (left) & 2022 (right):
A BIG DIFFERENCE between last year’s Christmas in Kyiv & this years… but even with blackouts & only one powered attraction, STILL Ukraine is the new center of the free world! 
(THAT is why this war is happening — the aggressor KNOWS that if the liberty & integrity-based reforms continue HERE, they would spread to their country, and the Russian people would themselves one day cast off their own tyranny & corruption.)

Speaking of which — this is what Christmas is all about to me. Jesus came in the flesh to set us free from darkness, to illuminate our hearts & lives, to demonstrate and empower us the best way to live... which is free from tyranny, free from corruption, free from bitterness, hate, the need for revenge. And free to live freely, fairly, in true brotherly love, full of grace, only on the offense as we defend the vulnerable and fight for others’ freedom. Free know to God and know what He’s like (He’s like Jesus!), and free to make a living and live a life, in his wisdom, in control of our own destinies. 

Jesus came to set captives free. As you celebrate His birth with family today, please take a moment to pray for those who risk their lives, and with their blood, are following His example to set this great nation free. 

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2022

Wait for it.. And we’re just getting started!

December 23, 2022

I love their smiles! Surviving babushkas LOADED UP with gifts to stay WARMER and HAPPIER this #Christmas. YES!  These are three of 150 families we and our partners are caring for this FRIGID winter.  

OH! And there’s Alexander — a Dutchman who risked his life to drive ALL THE WAY from Netherlands to deliver God’s love in the form of resources, hope, hugs, & prayers in Jesus’ Name.  THANK YOU, ALEXANDER & TEAM!

December 22, 2022

My Christmas Wish this year? To give the survivors of 150 families the gift of heat in their frigid homes. Wood burning stoves will help them survive the subzero temps, give them the means to cook food, and the ability to warm water to wash clothes & themselves. 

I thank God for our homes around the world, where we have electric, running water, amazing heating systems, and space to host loads of precious visiting family… and zero fear of another round of incoming missiles. 

Here, where I’ll spend this Christmas, grandmothers lost their entire families and possessions… but they’re not alone and they’re not on the streets like they were when we found them! 
Though it’s not much consolation, they have us, MANY now have a vibrant relationship with Jesus, and they have new tiny homes to help them through the coming years. 

What they don’t have, yet, are wood burning stoves πŸ”₯ to heat their humble homes. 
One wood burning stove, installed, is $350. 

150 wood burning stoves, installed, warming hundreds of widows & children cost a total of just $47,950. 

And ANY amount helps my team and I to deliver firewood πŸͺ΅ πŸ”₯

Would you search your heart right now for what could be your part to play in this? Joining our team of hero partners is easy, fun, and rewarding. 

Link up with me for some last-minute Santa Claus πŸŽ… work, in Jesus’ Name πŸ’ͺ ❀️ 

December 21, 2022

What if this was your grandmother? In this bitter cold πŸ₯Ά weather, our Valea doesn’t even have a working heater.  LET’S GET HER WOODBURNING STOVE WORKING & restore what the enemy stole!  

I want to give her, and 149 other families JUST LIKE HER, a Christmas Miracle by providing & installing woodburning stoves in their frigid homes.  

One costs just $350, and all 150 are $47,950. 

Firewood for a month is just $50; for two weeks $25; for a week $12. Desperately needing wood, of course, too. 

Would you do your best to help me?  Give safely & easily via most platforms now at HeroesInternational dot Org 

December 21, 2022

Meet Valea! She’s 75, alone, and 100% of her belongings were burned by phosphorus munitions. (She’s also ENERGETIC, POSITIVE, and the nicest person you’ll ever meet!)

YOU provided her a semi-permanent house to get through the next few winters… NOW she just needs to get her woodburning stove safely installed. WHO WOULD LIKE THE HONOR???

EDIT: I was mistaken! In the video I said $300, but… it’s ACTUALLY only $150!!! 

Links to give in bio, and site on my about page, and also Please mention “FOR VALEA” in the notes.

Thank you for your generosity, just in time for Christmas! #christmas #Godislove #heroesinternational #projectgoworld #christmasmiracle

December 20, 2022


I don’t want to lose one more grandmother to the cold! ❄️ 

This Christmas, I want to give 150 families — that’s hundreds of seniors, single moms, & kids — the gift of LIFE through FIRE πŸ”₯ 

This village was obliterated by the invaders, and our partners have given 150 semi-permanent homes to families who surely would have frozen. 

Now, they have have beds, walls, & roofs… but with no electric, they also have no heat.
My real Christmas wish this year is to give & install for EVERY SINGLE FAMILY a high-efficiency woodburning stove! β˜€οΈ 

With temperatures far below freezing, IT’S TIME! ⏰ 

Gifts of ANY size, big or small, make a HUGE difference.

Please, as you’re wrapping up your holiday shopping 🎁, remember those suffering this season, and consider making a lifesaving, generous donation!

Your sponsorship on a partial, full, or many woodburning stove will be GREATLY appreciated! πŸ€— 
Let’s make history and share God’s love in a practical way this Christmas πŸŽ„ 

Just $350 for a stove & installation…

• $175 sponsors half a stove
• $350 gives a family a woodburning miracle
• $3,500 covers a whole block! 10 stoves that heat up to 40 or more people for YEARS to come
• $52,500 provides the survivors in AN ENTIRE VILLAGE with the means to live through this winter, and many more in the future

December 19, 2022

Me trying to be a reporter. 

Also, Merry Early Christmas from the soon-to-be center of the free world! 

And also it’s frigid cold.

December 18, 2022

Before & (ALMOST finished) After

Our Hero Inna’s NEW cafe… BEE HAPPY. 

We’re teaming up with her to open a safe, semi-underground, cafe with ELECTRICITY (thanks to the generator YOU sponsored)… 

for war-wary locals to enjoy fellowship, warmth, and their favorite coffee, matte, or chai, and American style desserts. 

This business, and their city, coming to Life!

December 17, 2022

Survivors gather to worship, pray, & share their stories in the cold & dark yet again. 

Flashlights & no heat, as repeat missile attacks knock out electricity for the nation. 

Each of these precious people lost their homes and family members from the invader’s artillery. 

BUT most have received new homes also, our semi-permanent houses (just $4,000 each!) through your generosity & our partner heroes at Miy Dim Team.

So many heart wrenching stories, and so much faith and hope and gratefulness, around this table tonight! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

#heroesinternational #projectgoworld #GodisLove #GospelinAction

December 15, 2022

Moldova’s last generator is finally HOME in Mykolaiv! First meal at our NEW CAFE was delicious… 

Teach a man to fish… Oh! But what happens when you open a cafe together in a city rebuilding and without electricity? Great things!

“BeeHappy Cafe” set to open very, very soon… 
#BeeHappy! #HeroesInternational #ProjectGoWorld

December 14, 2022

A HUGE enemy rocket just blazed over my head.  I thought it was over! 

Hear me talk about it, and hear my awesome GPS interrupt me, twice. 

ADRENALINE! Not giving up, backing down. Here to serve, make a difference, be the hands & feet of Jesus!

December 13, 2022

Our elves are busy today! Tons of food, being distributed, evacuations out of areas with intense fighting, shelters, giving warmth to people who lost their homes, and a very special delivery. I am personally making today! Our teams are busy – – they are οΏΌ some of the mini heroes that have risen to the occasion in this amazing nation!



December 13, 2022 

Live in Odes*a, Ukr*ine, 20 minutes before curfew. 2 million+ people without electricity, but they are NOT POWERLESS! They’re determined to LIVE, to OVERCOME, and to NEVER, EVER surrender to evil. So dark here in the city, and yet so FULL of the light of life!

December 11, 2022

Living a life like this, YOU NEVER KNOW what each day will bring! Yesterday was pitch black — no electricity, hot water, and COLD, DAMP foggy nights making for treacherous driving on these roads. Then, several Iranian suicide drones attacked nearby. THEN, SOMEHOW, I found myself the guest of a VERY interesting family who treated me to this incredible “fish spa” treatment for my cold, tired feet. It felt GREAT! Tickled, quite a bit. Now my feet are ready for another round of checking in on our teams and helping seniors in this AMAZING country, filled with AMAZING people! #heroesinternational #forfreedom #untilvictory #footspa #fishstuff #surprise

December 11, 2022

Ran into this guy at a pizzeria in the farthest, remotest region of U*raine today — he’s from #VancouverWashington and attended an awesome church I ministered in years ago. He came up to say hello and thanked my friends & I for “blessing him” with our conversation as he secretly eavesdropped a couple tables back. My friends & I were discussing the power of appreciating others. I appreciate him for coming over to say HI! Say hello to Paul who lives & works here now. Great guy in a small world!

December 10, 2022 

Their resilience, determination, ingenuity, and joy amazes me.

EVERYONE here says, “We’re without electric, without water, without gas, but most importantly, WITHOUT RUSSIA, so IT’S ALL GOOD!”πŸ’ͺ

December 9, 2022


Go for the lonely ones. 

In all of our comings and goings, at work or school or even vacation, every once in a while,  go for a lonely one. 

They’re everywhere. They’re not our responsibilities. But, now and then, when one captures our gaze and heart, a listening ear and act of compassion are miracles within our powers to perform. 
Elderly, challenged, foreign, recently divorced, the single mother, the student, the awkward, the marginalized, the rejected, the hurting... go for the lonely one. 

Inconvenient, yes, nearly always. But worth it, certainly, always. 

Go for the lonely ones.

December 8, 2022

How do Ukrainian refugee kids receive GREAT health care abroad… Our dear friends at Kyiv’s Universum clinic FLY TO THEM to make sure they’re understood, cared for, and loved. GREAT JOB, Katerina!!!

December 7, 2022

I’m determined to love no matter what, to heal no matter what, to carry on no matter what, to defend & protect the elderly, the widow, the orphan, the oppressed, the abandoned, the forgotten… no matter what.  

Thank YOU for believing in me these last 25 years… together, with God’s help, our teams of heroes, and you’re support, we’re making a difference!

December 6, 2022

What Putler doesn’t understand: The harder he bombs this country, the harder the world is going to love this country, help & rebuild this country.
There’s a limit to his missiles.
There’s no limit to our love.

December 2, 2022

The electricity may be off, but they’re not powerless. The Lord is their strength. We’re the voice for the voiceless, defenders of widows, rescuers of orphans. It’s an honor to represent YOU on the field, to be the hands & feet of Jesus, to serve those without families as you serve yours. There’s no place else I’d rather be, no higher calling for my life in this time in history. Thank you for the encouragement, the support, and for fueling and funding our critical work here now. Much love from where it’s all happening! Surrounded by suffering and death, there’s only hope, determination, and awe. Not ever giving up, ever, because I know Who wins in the end.

December 1, 2022

Crying a little, just remembering them. Take a moment to enjoy this video.

It was 5 years ago. Most have graduated to heaven now. 

For over a decade, we've kept abandoned grandmothers WARM, FED, LOVED ON. 

Now, we embark on a scale unlike we ever imagined. The invaders have thrown MILLIONS of innocent people into a freezing hellscape.

Electricity is out, but they're not powerless. WE will be their strength, WE will be their voice. WE will give them power, heat, food, blankets, love, a voice.

With your help, early Christmas miracles are about to start happening across Ukraine!

November 26, 2022

DAY 275:  IRPIN, UKRAINE. We need 40 propane stovetops & 80 thermal blankets ASAP! (Scroll down to see how…)

Dead center, first to be destroyed, in the heart of occupation, Galina’s building was destroyed. She almost died. }

Friends were killed by shrapnel, fire, summary executions. 

She, and about 80 other survivors, have no electricity, no gas, no running water. For 9 months. 
They can’t bathe normally, can’t cook anything (except outside on a homemade grill with scrap wood, rubber, and anything else flammable they find)… and now, winter is here. 


I WANT TO GET GALINA AND EVERY ONE OF HER NEIGHBORS A PROPANE STOVETOP & 2 THERMAL BLANKETS... and I want to deliver them personally by Friday this coming week. 

A propane stovetop (tank & fuel included) costs $100; blankets are $25 each.  

• $10 refills a propane tank to heat a family’s food for at least a week  
• $25 warms a soul through the bitter cold winter with a thermal blanket/sleeping bag
• $50 keeps TWO souls insulated through spring  with thermal blankets/sleeping bags
• $100 provides propane stovetop for an abandoned, at-risk family in one of the most desperate situations I’ve seen, to cook and eat humanitarian relief meals, 99% which require boiling or heat 
* $1,000 gives 10 families the means to eat through the winter and beyond 
* $4,000 provides stovetops to everyone in this building and a similar one next door 
* $6,000 gives 40 propane stovetops and 80 thermal blankets to my dear friends here, and we can get it ALL to them this Friday, with your help! 

It’s dire, it’s urgent. I’m still here, not going anywhere. Blackouts, missiles, misery, suffering… and, THANK TO YOU — joy, celebration, food, precious moments, LOVE being distributed EVERY CHANCE WE GET! 

Jesus gave it all… would you consider donating generously today to this urgent need! 
On behalf of Heroes International & the resilient people of this great nation, a sincere THANK YOU in advance! 

Check or Money Order: Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701
To give safely, quickly, securely by debit/credit card, and for ACH & wire instructions: 
Venmo: @HeroesInternational (code 1096)
CashApp: $HeroesInternational

November 26, 2022

SMILE! The people who smile upon eye contact, even with strangers, before a word is spoken, are earth’s wisest treasures. 

A smile is powerful, it’s contagious, it’s disarming, it’s beautiful. 

Here in the war, with those who’ve seen death — a simple smile makes a HUGE difference!
Even when I don’t feel like it, I smile when making eye contact. Why? It’s not fake. It’s polite. It’s pleasant. It feels good. 

I want to offer the world the best version of myself, and I want every person in my path to understand they are WORTHY of being smiled at. 

That there’s still good, still hope, still love in the world. 

Never should a smile have ulterior motives beyond the altruistic. And, still, these millions of smiles have a way, sometimes, of opening doors, creating favor, making a way for the impossible to happen. 

My face isn’t a slave to my emotions, to what kind of day I’m having, to what I’m feeling. My face is trained to respect others no matter what, and what could be more respectful than a smile? 

Especially when there’s pain in the eyes, a sincere smile is a potent force and testament to one’s acceptance of grief and belief that everything, one day, is going to be all right. 

I’m not saying to smile all the time. That ridiculous and impossible. I’m not saying to be mindless and ignore our feelings or emotions. 

But I am DEFINITELY saying one of the most important, powerful, life changing habits we can ever have is smiling at people when we make eye contact.  

It changes them; it changes us. And usually that smile sets the tone for everything that follows. 
Need more reasons to smile? Maybe that’ll be my next post

November 23, 2022


The power is out right now in Moldova because of the missile attacks against energy infrastructure in Ukraine a few minutes ago. 

The European Parliament earlier today declared Russia a terrorist state, and Russia protested by proving it. 

So, now I’m at the hospital, trying to get an MRI (face is finally totally fine; some ribs are likely fractured or broken) while we wait for the generator to kick on (it’s not kicking on). 

Russia’s terror is affecting a lot more than Ukrainian civilians — it’s now killing civilians in hospitals across Moldova who need critical care. 
Enough is enough.

November 22, 2022


Can you help us FIND A DOCTOR? πŸ™ πŸ‘©‍βš•οΈ πŸ‘¨‍βš•οΈ It’s time for ANOTHER MIRACLE SURGERY and we are in desperate need of a BUTT DOCTOR (what’s the proper term??? Help!), specifically one who specializes in successful treatments of “anal fistulas”.  (This isn’t a joke  — so please read on!)

For obvious reasons, the young lady (we’ll call her “Sveta”) who needs surgery is too embarrassed to permit us to show her face, but has allowed us to share that she’s a full-time Ukrainian aid worker & missionary.  

Trust me, this specific type of surgery, in this part of the world, is RISKY. I’ve met others with similar problems who were left incontinent (bladder & bowel) after surgical interventions… 
…so we are searching for a doctor on the outside, where her chances are best. 

Currently, her condition is extremely painful, messy, and is preventing her from performing most of her work. She’s in constant pain and won’t be able to get married or have children with the condition as-is, and it’s getting worse. 

Sveta is a GREAT young lady with her whole life ahead of her. We can do this! πŸ’ͺ 
So far, we’ve given sight to the blind, helped the lame to walk, corrected lethal scoliosis, and so much more! Let’s get her fixed up, too.

#heroesinternational #savealife #miraclesurgery
Would you share this, and help make a miracle happen for “Sveta”?

⭐️  βž‘️ UPDATE: I have X-rays and diagnosis from here available upon request

November 18, 2022


“Be prepared in season and out...” real life example!

Yesterday, I was HUNGRY and thought this cafe (that I’ve never seen before) looked interesting. 

The guy behind the counter said, “This is a Christian cafe and we’re about to have a men’s Bible Study. You’re welcome to join!”

I don’t know how it happened, but within a couple minutes, he asked me to lead the study on Acts 27 and we had a GREAT time together! 

So amazing to see so many young men in Moldova hungry for God’s Word and delving into meaningful relationships with each other. The world needs more of this. 

THANK YOU Timur for the on-the-spot invitation, and thanks to Assemblies of God USA & every individual who helps sponsor this cafe.  

I suppose if anyone is REALLY curious what my spontaneous notes were on the subject, I could post them in the comments below 

November 14, 2022


Yesterday, shortly after we distributed food to VERY hungry people, about 100 missiles were sent here. 

Jesus said, “The enemy comes to steal, kill, & destroy; but I came that you might have life and life abundantly!” 

THAT’S WHY WE CAME, TOO! To give life, to give hope, to impart sparks of joy. 

As fast as we’re able to help, thousands more are standing by, and we’re left praying we can help them, too. 

#heroesinternational #projectgoworld #miydimteam #irpin

November 14, 2022

Jesus said it makes a man happier to give than receive — and that’s why we’re smiling SO BIG! YOU made it possible to give away HUNDREDS of tons of food, EVACUATE people to safety, & SO MUCH MORE.  And guess what??? WE ARE STILL DOING IT! @projectgoworld & #HeroesInternational finding heroes on the ground & teaming up with YOU to make miracles happen for precious people across this great nation & around the world. πŸ™ THANK YOU for ALWAYS coming through!

November 12, 2022


From caring comes courage. 
We dare to care. 
Every person, priceless.

November 12, 2022 

Update! I’m okay… bruised and sore, and already on the move , albeit it slightly slower, as we continue serving the precious people we love so deeply. 

THANK YOU for all the encouragement! No broken bones, no concussion. 

But, wow, I’m blown away by YOUR SUPPORT  in response to the attack yesterday. 

THANK YOU for not forgetting about me, even as headlines have long shifted away.  The needs are just as great as ever, just shifting in nature. 

WE CONTINUE to empower local humanitarian heroes, evacuate civilians, feed the hungry (nearly 100 tons a month!), provide heating solutions as winter approaches, sponsor miracle surgeries, equip medics, share the gospel with troops shipping out, house teams who are rebuilding homes, & a lot more we just don’t have time right now to highlight. 

NOW would be a very opportune time to support our work, as we are ramping up for major humanitarian and evangelistic campaigns directly. 

Check out sites & links mentioned at the end of the vid, or HeroesInternational.Org to make a quick, easy, secure difference. 

Again, I love you guys and am grateful for your abundant care & faithful support.

November 11, 2022

Tonight I got turned into a punching bag. For the first time in my life, I actually took several real punches to the face and body by three different people at the same time. A few kicks added in for good measure. 

I didn’t fight back because I knew they would have killed me if I did anything more than protect my head. 

It all happened so fast as I was trying to help some Roma (Gypsy) children who were being beaten in the street, and it was their parents who did it. 

How’s that for a “Welcome Back to Moldova”? 

Without the help of a brave passerby, I think they would have killed me. 

Full story coming tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m fine, body and ego bruised, and possibly a broken jaw. X-rays in the morning. 

Cookie dipped in milk tonight.

November 7, 2022

Please take a moment to pray for the successful extraction & evacuation of FOUR separate team members from Ukraine. 

Each has either personal health or family emergencies. 

Logistics for one person at a time can be a challenge; FOUR means we are tapping into every resource & connection to make it happen. 

THANK YOU my dear friends for your support as we make a difference around the world, and care for our own in the process!

October 30, 2022


It is the great call on every man’s life to protect and provide for the vulnerable. The elderly, the widow, the single mother, the fatherless, the orphan, the refugee, the hungry, those without homes, the ill, people with special needs.

As men, we are capable of either great or terrible things. We are created to overcome adversities, to fiercely fight noble battles, to crush injustice, to generously sacrifice and joyfully serve first our own families… and then humanity around us. 

A quiet life of mediocrity is not the path I’ve chosen; it would drive me into madness, addiction, soul-crushing depression. (I suppose it would any man.)  

An ambitious life of selfish gain is also not the route I seek. It’s equally futile and never satisfying. 
Most fulfilling for a man is the high calling of inspired and hard work; unswerving faithfulness to one’s family and one’s God; and the commitment to seek, to notice, to feel the pain of those weaker and to rise to the challenge of saving the day, one way or another. 

I always laugh when people call us heroes. To be honest, we’re not.  We’re just men.


October 28, 2022


My ‘lil #Christmas #wishlist:

1. A beach retreat long enough to turn my #whiteness a shade darker, 
2. Time to write proper thank you’s to EVERYONE who’s supported us AND write a proper account of all the miracles we’ve seen since February
3. A Concept2 Rower
4. Someone to go with me to a Christmas Eve candlelight service at church & then bake cookies for Santa afterwards
5. A construction & trades crew in #AlbanyOhio that actually shows up & works when they say they will 
6. πŸ™ ✌️ for my friends & family in Eastern Europe
7.  Costs for our North Central base in cooperation with Miy Dim, a warehouse for distribution of 20 tons of food at a time, and housing facility for our teams and partners committed to restoring lives & homes. It’s a staggeringly low $1,150 per month, or $13,800 for the whole year!

October 28, 2022 

My name is Gregg Montella. I was raised in rural Athens County, Ohio, in the Appalachian foothills, by a loving family who put each other, and God, first.

I was a studious and funny kid. Very early in school, I discovered I had a deep desire to fight injustice and speak for the basic human rights of those who couldn’t speak for themselves. 
The best way to make a difference, given my emerging personality, I felt, was to combine thoughtful humor with stories and logical dialogue, and by the written word. 

When I was sixteen, my goal in life was either to be a comedy writer, politician, or businessman. But God had other plans… 

One evening, having been exhausted by religion, and desperate to know if there was an ounce of truth to any of it, I asked Jesus, “If you’re real, please be real to me.”

Suddenly, the most wonderful waves of love and light washed over me, driving out heaviness and darkness. 

Everything changed. Everything. I was truly alive!

Then, I thought my only option was to become a preacher, so I went to ministry school at 17.
I didn’t go to have a profession, or to gain financial security as a hired pastor. I went because I wanted to change the world with the love of God. 

So at 19, I went on every single mission trip I could. And as much as I saw others being changed, God was changing me more. 

Waking me up to the true suffering and needs of people around the world. Showing me what kinds of preaching and programs work (and don’t work). Bringing mentors into my at exactly the right times who helped (and still help!) me grow, do, and be better. 

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of serving in over 100 nations around the world. First, as an evangelist, revivalist, and church planter. Now, as something much more.

At 22, I moved to my “mission field” in Europe, and soon began servingregularly in the nation of Ukraine. 

There I was exposed to poverty (& strength!) unlike anything I’d ever imagined. It didn’t make sense — people who looked exactly like my family, in a terrain that looked exactly like home. 
My team and I worked in orphanages and hosted thousands of people on short-term mission trips to help out. In time, our orphan friends “graduated” and multitudes went missing. 

It didn’t take long to understand many had been trafficked for the most nefarious purposes, "saved" and yet living in hell, destined to die terrible deaths. 

As a big brother with two sisters I love very deeply, I couldn't continue on as normal. I transitioned most of my efforts to combatting sex trafficking using a variety of prevention techniques, including education and job creation. 

My best friends and I formed a nonprofit called Heroes International, based on the idea that every person’s ordinary skills can be used to do extraordinary good in the lives of others, particularly in this part of the world. 

Now, for many years, I’ve been living or working in Ukraine, Moldova, and other surrounding areas, serving the vulnerable. Children, single mothers, the elderly, the other-abled… 

…and empowering a generation of young entrepreneurs in the post-Soviet world to dream, to dream big, and to live for a purpose greater than just themselves. 

During much of the lockdown years, I was back in Ohio beautifying and redeeming neighborhoods deemed as dead or dying. Thank God, we’re seeing jobs created and fun, family-oriented businesses open. 

By the way, NEVER have I received a salary from the nonprofit — that’s a decision I made early on and will stick to forever. I work for my own money, so every single penny donated goes 100% directly to the work of the ministry overseas. 

Before Christmas 2021, I returned full-time to post-Soviet Europe. In fact, I spent New Year’s and Christmas last year in Kyiv, Ukraine and just a week before the war was in Dnepr, Odesa, and Nikolayev. 

Now, since this terrible war has started, I’m dug in. We’ve pivoted and have grown our team to better serve the most vulnerable across Ukraine and surrounding nations. 

We have staff of 20 and growing; a fleet of Emergency Rescue Vehicles operating from sun up to sun down; a ministry team serving hundreds of refugees in camps with counseling, education, skill development, sports and entertainment, and old-fashioned revival preaching. 

But we’re not complacent. The needs are greater now than ever, and to save lives we need more partners and more support. We need gas for our rescue vans. We need financial assistance for our aid workers. We need bulletproof vests for our drivers and counselors. And we need a sponsor for an entire refugee camp and HQ we’re in negotions to buy from the Moldovan government for pennies on the dollar. 

I’m returning to my roots — in addition to directing all of the above, I’m back ministering in churches, preaching, lifting up Jesus, and growing our partner base to make this most urgent work sustainable. 

Before the war, I was here. After the war, I’ll be here. In the meantime, it certainly is a pleasure getting to know you and knowing so many of you are partnering with us, joining our support team, at this critical time. 

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s stepped up to help us save lives in this awful war. We’ve rescued thousands of people already because of you, and we’re not slowing down. 
I love my life! Hate this war, of course, but, goodness, I love my life. 

If you have any questions about me, or the work I or my team are doing, or if you’d like to support our efforts, please contact me at your convenience. 

My email is and my phone number via WhatsApp or Viber is +1.770.778.1844. 

Also, follow my on IG, and our ministry @HeroesInternational here, and check out our website at


October 28, 2022


Pretty much my life now in New Europe... When there's a problem, when no one else can help, our Heroes International team gets to work!
Amazing original artwork by James-Michael Smith.


October 25, 2022


From my heart...

October 19, 2022


In the past two weeks, my car was shot while I was driving, a good friend was shot through his stomach, another friend had shrapnel blast across his face, and one of the classrooms I was in was hit by a missile a couple days after I left. I could say a lot more, and perhaps I will at another time. 

My mother’s husband also passed away during this period, so I’m coming home to be with her.

Believe it or not, there are even “bigger” things happening simultaneously, and I’m finding myself again asking the most important questions. 

Yes, I’ll be returning to Eastern Europe soon.  Can’t wait, truly!

But for now, if you have a moment and are a praying person, please pray for a steady mind, whole heart, and rich time with family.


October 16, 2022


Good times with Mischa, a 14 year-old young Ukrainian man with cerebral palsy, in desperate need of an electric wheelchair. Mischa’s a bit of a genius — already fluent in 5 languages, but unable to go to school for the gifted because he didn’t have an electric wheelchair… NOW HE DOES, and HE WILL! This changes HIS WHOLE LIFE’S TRAJECTORY!

Heroes International teamed up with  Kerk Beth Refajah who DROVE HUNDREDS OF MILES, JUST FOR MISHA & 34 other precious people evacuated here because of the war.
To us, though, EVERY displaced person is NOT a refugee; they are our VIPs! 

YOUR generosity make miracles like this happen; memories they’ll never forget; tools that help good people live and develop better. 

Thank you for being Mischa’s hero… You’re my heroes, too! 



October 15, 2022


35 Ukrainian refugees, many children with special needs, were “lost in the system.” 

Dropped off here in the summer by a large aid organization, forgotten & fell through the cracks. 

Special friends from Holland met me here with lifesaving winter clothes, wheelchairs, food, & much, much more for these precious people. 

Two days ago I was in the line of fire, with artillery rumbling like thunder. This morning I’m in the most peaceful nation on earth, for the weekend.

Jesus is the good shepherd who leaves the 99 to go after the 1; we’ve left the 40 million to reach 35. 

Can’t wait to show you how it goes!

THANK YOU for your generosity that makes this all possible…

YOU are their heroes, and you’re mine, too!



October 14, 2022



October 14, 2022

Teammate & Hero @jilltupper is doing an AMAZING job training leaders on the neuroscience of war, and how to find calm in the midst of chaos. I’m proud of her! Invite Jill to share at your corporation, church, or event — or help sponsor sessions for young leader’s manuals in this part of the world…

October 12, 2022

Spent the morning with A Jesus Mission a couple of miles from fierce battles happening now. 
These guys are awesome! Americans who are risking their lives, working under constant shelling, living in a war zone — just to do what Jesus said, “Feed the hungry.” 

And, yes, people here are HUNGRY. After seven months of being in the crosshairs, some are even starving. 

These guys and gals are living out their faith in one of the realest ways I’ve ever seen. Please check out their page and support them in their truly heroic efforts!


October 11, 2022 

My bed for the night! Made it out of Kyiv & now hunkering down in Mykolaiv, kept safe(r) from potential shrapnel by makeshift sandbags… which are actually bags of cornmeal and buckwheat… 

This food will soon to be distributed to VERY hungry, grateful people in recently liberated villages. They’ve been through hell under foreign occupation, and now, finally will have God’s love delivered in the form of food, hugs, listening ears, and prayer. 

This city traditionally get bombarded with multiple missiles, rockets, & artillery every night. Please pray we have a quiet night tonight — we could all use the sleep. 

Can’t wait to share about the Heroes I’ve just met here in the South. Their stories coming soon!



October 11, 2022

20 cruise missiles incoming toward our position right now. 

Please pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people and our team.

 I LOVE WHERE I AM because there’s complete satisfaction & even joy being in the center of God’s will. 

“We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.” Hebrews 10:39


October 11, 2022

SO PROUD OF THIS GUY! My friend & Heroes International partner Dmytro Bogomolov continues to drive the Emergency Rescue Vehicles YOU PROVIDED to save people in Ukraine’s hotspots… as he & his GROWING TEAM risk their lives & dodge missiles to demonstrate God’s heart. Check out his VIDEO UPDATE in ENGLISH here!


October 10, 2022

I’m just a mile from here. Please pray these terrorist attacks end NOW. Over 100 missiles were in the air targeting this nation in the past hours. We WILL NOT GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER, NEVER GIVE IN to the forces of darkness. We WILL BE VICTORIOUS, and the enemy will be humbled unto absolute transformation.


October 10, 2022

Well this just happened a couple miles from me. Downtown Kyiv. Appears to be multiple targeted hits, including a playground filled with kids, which they like to do. I was on this street 12 hours ago.


October 8, 2022

These ladies know what’s up... and do they have SOUL!


October 7, 2022

“But I was just following orders!”
“I was afraid to lose my job!”
“I have a family to feed!”

All irrelevant, silly excuses weak, wicked people use to kill their consciences, trample human rights, & excuse the crimes they commit. 

Whether it was 1940’s Germany, 2020-2022 USA/Canada/Europe/Asia/Australia/NZ in C*VID era, or modern R*ssian troops…

Let it be known at the voting booths, the courthouses, and everywhere else justice is exacted, that the free world will never forget what you did to those who simply wanted to be left alone and left free. 

It was the advocates of such policies that were the real grandparent killers, scaring them to death and isolating them into oblivion. There enforcers of such policies that are responsible for the suicides, the strokes, the sudden deaths, the bankruptcies, the overtaking of every sector of society by only those who parrot whatever the almighty earthly powers-that-be dictate. 

I didn’t bow once to the illegal and unjust slaughter against common sense and real sci*nice of the past two years. It was sick and made the world a sicker, dumber place. 

I’ve never compromised my conscience or betrayed my allegiance to our Rights and what’s right for food, money, security, or perceived safety. 

There are plenty enough of us who remember what it means to be alive and free, to stand for what’s right whatever the cost or consequence. 

You’ll never hear from a real man the sentences uttered at the top of this post.  

I think half of the world has forgotten what it means to sacrifice for what’s right; they’d rather  make “sacrifices” to simply keep a semblance of peace, safety, and security — and a dead soul. 
The world now is as it has always been — not these petty Left vs Right & Conservative vs. Liberal “wars”… It is, and always will be Liberty vs. Tyr*nny.

This is why I’m in Ukra*ne now.  To stand for what is right, to make the world a better place. To alleviate suffering & to join with and inspire others to make a difference. 

You’ll never hear me utter those words at the top of this post, and I pray you never will, either.


October 6, 2022

Just doing my part to stop WWIII and save as many lives as possible, with God's help... and yours! Feeding, housing, & healing through our Heroes Teams here in Ukra*ne, and your always superabounding generosity.

200,000+ dead. Millions displaced. But I believe EVERY PERSON IS PRICELESS, and we are on fire to set protect the vulnerable and reverse the curse of the oppressors. Already, so much good done, thanks to you. 

And we're just getting started.

You ain't seen nothing yet. πŸ™‚ 

"Is life so sweet and peace so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; as for me, give me Liberty or give me death!" -Patrick Henry


October 6, 2022

Saving lives is at the core of what we do. There are some of the bravest men & women I’ve ever met, days away from the front line. It’s an absolute honor for #HeroesInternational to be part of training them how to save lives of civilians, their own comrades, & even surrendered enemies. I’m so excited about the friends I made this week, the open doors, the possibilities coming up… and will share it all with you in the appropriate time. All for Jesus; all for victory; all for freedom! As my own ancestors cried in 1776, “No King but King Jesus!”


October 5, 2022


“On the left: Pisky-Radkivski, 2022, Ukra*ne under R*ssian occupation.

On the right: Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1945, N*zi Germany.

These are gold teeth forcibly removed from Ukr*inians who were kept as prisoners by the Russi*n forces.

In addition to the gold teeth that has been discovered in the torture chamber, there is also evidence of people having been buried alive, and people being forced to breathe in toxic fumes.” Via @instagraemeinnes 

Also visible in torture materials is d*lido used to vaginally, anally, & orally r*pe prisoners, and other tools of absolute barbarity. 

Russ*an prisoners, on the other hand, are treated overwhelmingly with dignity & are fed well. 
In fact, THOUSANDS of Russ*an s*ldiers have surrendered & are surrendering en masse because THEY KNOW Ukr*inian POW camps are far better than normal conditions provided by Russi* for their own troops.


October 4, 2022


This is yet another marker of the legal definition of genocide. Forceful russification. Destruction of cultural identity. Kidnapping. Torture. Prohibition of Ukrainian language and history.

This story is not an outlier. It's very typical for what happens in russia-occupied areas. In fact, it's very typical for what Russian Empire has been doing in Ukraine for centuries.
Russia is a genocidal terrorist state.

From: MOliver Yurkiw - GossettUkrainian Community in Minnesota

"First the destruction of property: school textbooks, Ukrainian flags, children's work - including wall displays on famous Ukrainian writers or cultural icons. But then, a siege upon the teachers themselves. Standing proudly amongst a sea of Ukrainian textbooks is head teacher Liliya Sirous. She says she was given a list of more than 2,200 books and told to destroy them all. But instead, she hid them. Replaced with a new curriculum of Russian history, literature, and language, for six months Liliya's secret library remained untouched."

October 4, 2022

UPDATE: I’m just a FEW MILES from the FRONT LINES this week… Our team is teaching people how to save lives from bullet, bomb, or rubble winds… and sharing about the One who saved our lives. 

This month, because of YOUR FAITHFUL GENEROSITY, Heroes International is facilitating  80 tons of food for this country, several homes being built, and soon HUNDREDS of first responders will be taught lifesaving skills to be used directly on the front. 

I really, really love my life. Feels good to do good, wake up with a purpose, and make an eternal difference, here at what really could be the beginning of World War III. 

October 1, 2022

With a couple history makers in Ukraine, discussing history, philosophy, religion, and the call of God on our lives to help heal this land. What an honor to know & serve these heroes! Just wait to hear what’s next……. #HeroesInternational #HistoryMakers #HealThisLand


September 28, 2022

This is Maria. I met her today. We are standing in the exact spot her husband was killed by Russian phosphorus bombs. We are in the rubble of what was the house they built with their own hands. She is clearing their small plot of land as best any 70 year-old lady could, and she’s tending the garden she and her husband used to work together. 

Maria said her birthday came a week after the attacks began, and local officials recommended everyone evacuate. She and her three children and grandchildren left, only to be bounced from city to city for two months, living at the mercy of families who allowed them to sleep on floors and couches. 

Maria’s beloved husband stayed behind, tending their farm animals — two large pigs, chickens, geese, a guard dog he loved dearly, and cats that kept the mice away. 

Then, for days on end, Russia rained down literal fire on the few hundred humble homes in this village, until 80% were reduced to shards and sand. 

Once her village was liberated, she returned home to find her husbands remains and buried him. 
Adjusting to her new reality, Maria hopes against hope for bright days, some day.  She desperately wants her family together in one place again (they’re still scattered), to cry, heal, laugh, and just be together. 

Our #HeroesInternational Hero @dmitriy_ryaboy & the @miy_dim_team are building a semi-permanent emergency residence for them — WOW!!! — and WE have the opportunity to finish & furnish it. 

Who would like the honor? $2,000 provides ALL the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, & humble living room ware. 

Can you believe it? Just two grand. 

We’ve got the house insulated so they can survive the bitter cold winter, and are just days away from the finish & furnish. 

Now, who would like to get in on the GREAT HONOR of providing at least SIX of the dearest people a house built just for them, with love?

God bless you, my friends… YOU are my superpower! Gifts of any size easily and securely received through HeroesInternational dot Org, or via 
#CashApp: $HeroesInternational
#Venmo: @HeroesInternational 
Mail: Heroes International
          7017 Selby Road
          Athens, OH 45701

September 26, 2022

Big Machinery! 

September 24, 2022

PHASE TWO: We are making a difference! Another 20 tons of food arrive at the “Miy Dim (My Home) Team”/Heroes International House in Northern Ukraine… To be IMMEDIATELY distributed to precious, very hungry people. 

Follow Dima Ryaboy (tagged above) & his @miy_dim_team — they’re heroes!

September 24, 2022

Dennis Melnichuk is at Donbass Ukraine.

Referendum “voting” is now taking place  in occupied territories of Ukraine. Armed Russian soldiers are going door to door asking if you want to be annexed into Russia or if you want to stay with Ukraine. This is a death trap being paraded as an election.

September 24, 2022

PHASE TWO: Heroes International is now feeding & housing precious ones who’ve lost everything in this terrible war. Winter is coming; we’re working hard and would be most grateful for your continued support! 

The only thing that can heal this kind of damage is God’s love ❀️, and that’s exactly what we are pouring out the best ways we possibly can!

September 24, 2022

Ah, shoot. Potentially lifesaving delivery underway, with a minor delay.
UPDATE: $1 for the patch + $3 for the labor AND BACK ON THE ROAD!
Thanking God for this trusty steed!

September 22, 2022

We’re saving lives. We’re preventing people from being blown up, shot, or worse. We’re preventing good people from starving. We’re keeping amazing people from freezing. We’re hearing, housing, hugging, holding people who thought God abandoned them… And we’re giving our all - even under fire - to be the hands & feet of Jesus. 

This guy, Dennis. It’s him, his mom, his grandma Nadya, his granddad — they’re tears, their laughter, their hugs, their prayers, their pleas for help, their desire to have their lives back, to just be self-sufficient agin, and their deepest, most sincere gratitude that reminds me what the heck I’m doing here.

September 18, 2022 

I often wonder, what happening in the minds of children, like Dennis here? What’s he thinking?
The children who heard thundering explosions, who lost everything? 

Who hear their mothers crying at night, and long for their fathers to return from the front. 

What’s it like to be this young man, forced to be a man too early, to provide, protect, and make sense of this mess? 

I can’t even imagine, and yet this scene is unfolding hundreds of thousands of times across this great nation. 

I’ll never forget young Dennis, doing what he can to furnish the new house provided courtesy our friends @miy_dim_team. 

What must Dennis’ hopes & dreams be now? Can he sleep at night? What shape will his life take?

Will he have the right to speak his language, to live in his own land? 

Too many questions in me, too often.

For now, I’m just grateful to support the incredible work of our dear friend & Hero @dmitriy_ryaboy. 

He ensures Dennis, his mother, & grandmother know they’re loved, remembered, seen, & will survive the bitter winter months in a warm structure, albeit modest, complete with beds, shower, restroom, and kitchen. 

God bless Dennis. We’ll be introducing you to more kids like Dennis, and more unsung Heroes, in PHASE TWO of Heroes International’s emergency relief efforts.


September 18, 2022 

Happy Sunday! Remember young Dennis? His Grandma, Granddad, & Aunt need a home, too!
Here’s an opportunity to change their world! If you don’t have a home church to send your tithe or offerings, this morning we’d be most grateful for your best gift. 

As I always say, “It’s never the size of the gift, it’s the size of the sacr
ifice that counts!” 
Love B❀️bm Time!  Everything MUCH appreciated!

Swipe up to give securely via just about every means possible


September 17, 2022

PRAYING FOLK, I just received this information from one of our brothers who risked his life for months in the war zone:   

I just received the below message from Ukraine. They were doing humanitarian aid deliveries.  Their names and location are withheld for security reasons.


Thank you for praying for this team and our brother fighting for his life.

Every day, volunteers all across Ukraine perform humanitarian aid duties.  We are motivated by love and serve the Lord with joy.

Thank you for your prayers for Ukraine, ministries, volunteers, soldiers, children, and citizens under siege. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

Much love, honor, and respect,
Semper Fi 
Wild Man, Bikers For Christ, Indiana 

September 16, 2022

Dennis’ Mother & Grandmother express their IMMENSE GRATITUDE to the sponsors, donors, @dmitriy_ryaboy, & the @miy_dim_team for LITERALLY saving their lives — giving them a safe, warm place to stay, just in time for fall and these brutal winters. I THANK YOU, TOO! Follow Dima & his team for more updates on ALL THE MIRACLES they’re doing, as they show God’s love in the most practical ways…


September 15, 2022 

Look at Dennis go! This young man is helping his mother salvage what’s left of their home. Please keep Dennis & family in your prayers. 

Winter is coming, along with a new humanitarian crisis as TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who’ve lost their homes risk freezing to death… BUT LOOK!

CHECK OUT the emergency housing behind him that Miy Dim (“My Home Team”) & Dima Ryaboy put in for them… AMAZING!

PHASE TWO of our work in this nation is providing vital support for Heroes like Dima who are rebuilding structures and precious lives here in this great nation. 

God’s love in action, friends!


September 15, 2022

Meet Dennis. This is where his home used to be. 80% of his village was destroyed for NO REASON, with countless dead.  With his father now fighting for Dennis’ right to exist, Dennis does his best to take care of his mother. 

When I met them, they were effectively homeless, but within a day, our fellow Heroes @dmitriy_ryaboy & the @miy_dim_team  had a safe home onsite for Dennis & his mother.  
It’s an absolute honor to team up with Dima & watch this village re-emerge from the ashes. 
Please keep young Dennis in your prayers.


September 14, 2022

Every day, more opportunities come across my desk than what our ministry can handle. People desperate for various forms of aid: evacuation from hotspots, urgent medical needs, gear to stay safe, underfunded but amazing business plans, people in critical need of acute psychological care, helpers & ministers chomping at the bits to serve in devastated regions, workers ready to rebuild homes for those made homeless as winter approaches. 

It’s quite a weight to carry, and my team and I are incredibly prayerful about which projects to actually take on. 

We TRY to stay on theme over the course of a week or month, focusing on one major need at a time. And I TRY SO HARD to not overwhelm you with a billion random needs to pop up along the way. 

I wish there was a way we could do both, without being annoying! 

I’ve thought about it, and am considering adding a “RANDOM LOVE BOMB” thing to our options, whereby via this platform everyone can have an option to throw $5 or $10 or whatever, just to change one single person or family’s life  instantly.  (Do you think that would be interesting or could work? It would be a one-and-done post per need.)

One such project that I COULDN’T say no to, and didn’t have time to bring before you yet, was brought to my attention from my dear friend Lika Roman, herself a Ukrainian who’s spearheaded many projects alongside Heroes International, including the Miracle Spine Surgery for Nastya a couple years ago. 

Lika told me about a ”Lost Tribe of Refugees” in Western Europe. They are a group of children with special needs, and their mothers, all from Ukraine, who were evacuated by a large humanitarian organization. 

The aid group was so large they apparently forgot about these 35 people who needed urgent assistance getting established and assimilating to their new home. 

Unfortunately, they were left alone in a strange & expensive land, unable to work, trying to figure out the system, and unable to even afford basic school supplies for their children. 

Something really grabbed my heart about this group, especially their immediate need for school supplies. They NEED the stability and socialization of schooling, they NEED to learn, and to do that, they NEED the basics. 

From the funds YOU sent after we gave those grandmothers money for backpacks (remember what $100 could do?), you MORE THAN REPLENISHED my random pocket charity money, and we were able to sponsor ALL the school supplies for these precious kids who are living as refugees. 

What a blessing! Many of their fathers are home, fighting for their very existence as a people and nation. These kids & their moms WANT to go home when it’s safe. But until then, we’re able to make a quick, HUGE difference!

THANK YOU to Lika for CARING! For doing the ground work, discovering this Lost Tribe of Refugees, and setting us up to be able to take care of them for school and as winter approaches. 

We will let you know more about their story soon, and practical ways to help!


September 13, 2022

SNEAK PEEK at PHASE TWO of Heroes International Emergency War Relief efforts. Digging in, doing more good, saving & changing lives with our friends at “Mi Dim” (My Home) who are the REAL Heroes of this story! 

Here, we’re unloading 20 Tons of food, able to be stored in the warehouse underneath our House of Heroes, and is being distributed to VERY hungry, VERY precious people as we speak.
More on PHASE TWO soon!

September 10, 2022


WORST VIDEO EVER — with BEST UPDATE!  Had just 5 minutes to shoot a quick update & realized later the wind was FREAKING AWFUL.  If you can endure it — please watch! 

1. We are now distributing 60 TONS of food per month to some of Ukraine’s hungriest people!

2. Our goal is 100 tons per month by the end of the year… 

3. Our team is establishing a NEW BASE OF OPERATIONS in north central Ukraine, complete with dormitories for visitors determined to make a difference with their own superpowers like construction & humanitarian aid (MAYBE YOU!) AND a warehouse that holds up to 30 tons of food. 

4. In the South, our partners are receiving 40 tons of food per month that we cover, and are distributing it in villages along the front and in recently liberated communities, sharing God’s love in the most practical means possible. 

5. The evacuation of our friend & hero Karl was a success. Karl sustained injuries as he was running INTO an area under attack to bring first aid and save lives. I myself was front & center for a separate rocket attack on the way in to get him.

6. Evangelical churches continue to be the most visible and trustworthy sources of providing real help to Ukrainians, and the people are recognizing it. The beginnings of a revival, and perhaps much needed Awakening, are at hand. 

7. YOU are my superpower! We’re able to do more than we could ask or imagine BECAUSE YOU pray fervently AND YOU give generously!  Please help us get our HEROES BASE OF OPERATIONS up & running, fully funded, for the next year. DM or comment with questions! 
Ways to give in comments below. 


September 7, 2022


10,000 civilian buildings destroyed in Mykolaiv region since February 24. 

At least 250,000 civilians killed, targeted specifically for annihilation in this country over past six month. 


Until then, I’m here, with my teams, evacuating, feeding, encouraging, standing in person together with them. 
Thank YOU for always partnering, being so generous, giving us wings!

September 6, 2022


In between πŸ’₯ strikes, taking time to enjoy this beautiful city!  80 buildings destroyed in the region yesterday. BUT SOME GOOD NEWS!!!

Seeing shops closed makes me sad; while my friends here WANT & NEED to work… They’ve been dreaming of opening a coffee & dessert cafe, even training for it… 

AND just need some PRACTICAL SUPPORT! #(Kinda up my alley, and I LOVE the challenge \

Seeing more & more why God brought me here! 

Who will dream with me for miracles here in Mykolaiv??

September 4, 2022


Unholy smokes — they almost got me. The missiles shook me awake, and I’ve never heard or felt anything like it. Thunderous roars and constant huge fireballs. I’ll never forget it. God help the people who live along the front.

September 3, 2022

Shout out for some prayer support! Heading to evacuate an injured friend from a hotspot… 

When I was 19, I made a promise to God, “By life or by death,” to radically, practically demonstrate His unconditional, extravagant love & grace to everyone I possibly can. It’s been a joy, because He and They are worth it!

This is where He’s sent me for this season of life. To serve in solidarity with those under fierce oppression, to make the biggest difference possible. 

Today, it’s to extract a VIP — one of our very own — who was injured by a blast. ''

And MAYBE, just MAYBE, He’s opening a door for us to reach even more people, better, here, with that practical, redemptive Love. 

Happy Sunday, everyone, from your missionary. 

THANK YOU for helping give us wings, and THANK YOU for your prayers! As the missiles were raining around us last night, I could feel and see your support! 

September 1, 2022


Look WHAT I FOUND in a PLAYGROUND today!☹️😠😑

SO GLAD we’re taking this country back and making it better than before πŸ’ͺ

NOW… who knows anything about new playgrounds??? πŸ˜‡ Tag a friend who loves safe playgrounds, picnic areas, or barbecues & invite them to join you in teaming up with Heroes!

August 27, 2022

Local & displaced children, for a moment, are encouraged to be kids! A wonderful pause in this uncertain time.
Many of these kids have come from what could best be described as hell.
BUT, this came “It’s like heaven!” And we have to say, yes, and heaven is EVEN BETTER!
Doing all the things we can, by all the means we can, ever as often we can, to relieve suffering & share God’s love in practical ways.
Because every person is priceless.
THANK YOU for joining us on this journey!


August 26, 2022

SIX MONTHS NOW… And some GOOD NEWS in the middle of an awful war. TONS of LOVE & real HOPE in liberated areas… I love it!

We told you what we’d do when we teamed up… and we’re doing it!

Help give us wings to continue by donating generously today through Heroes International dot Org!  Every amount, big or small, makes a HUGE difference!


August 25, 2022

What can $100 do? I found these precious grandmothers rooting through my dumpster in search of backpacks for their 6 grandchildren. They’d already been across half the city and only found 2, stinky, & in very bad condition.  

When they told me what they were doing, I remembered about a gift of $100 a schoolteacher friend in #AlbanyOhio, #USA gave for “the right occasion”. 

THIS WAS IT! When I pulled out the money and told them to buy ALL their grandkids NEW backpacks (they cost about $15 here), the ladies immediately cried, and started LOUDLY praying over me! 

I thanked them, they thanked God & the American schoolteacher, and I’m thanking ALL of you now! We hugged, prayed for each other, and went on our way. 

I told them God hears every single one of their prayers, and He loves their grandkids even more than they do. So much that he sent a crazy American to their dumpster to deliver the proof!
It’s amazing how much GOOD we are capable of as a TEAM! Six kids can go to school now that couldn’t before, and the world’s a little better place. 

Thank you for always, consistently, in big ways and small, believing in miracles with me! 


August 25, 2022

Mountains of civilian cars line the roads here, shot to bits or burned, with desperate families trapped inside, by invading soljers “on safari” as more than one witness told me. 

What amounted to thousands of coarpses (sic) were only removed after liberration, when roadways were de-mined, cleared, and vehicles stacked to make way for freedom of movement. 
What manner of man can perpetrate such acts? 

Currently, 22% of this nation is under ocupation; attrocitys like this continue every place the ennemy touches. 

Sixx months of this. Enough is enough. 

God, help us to do everything we can to demonstrate your love and righteousness on all sides here and now.


August 24, 2022

How do village people thank us? WITH DELICIOUS COMPOTE, of course! 

No, it’s not pickled eyes (as some have asked)… it’s FRESH, ORGANIC, LOCAL, HEIRLOOM berries with a touch of honey or sugar and water (from the well behind me). It’s like KOOLAID, but the real deal without powder, and full of soul-enriching goodness. 

I LOVE IT and can’t get enough, especially on these HOT, HUMID August days.  With bitter action all around, these moments minister to my soul. 

Who wants meet me at the border for a refreshing non-alcoholic homemade beverage?


August 23, 2022 

Like us, they just want to be free, to be left alone. To join the modern world as a free nation; free from the specter of tyranny. A brave, fierce, family-oriented, freedom-loving people. HAPPY FLAG DAY!


August 23, 2022

SO GLAD I BEGGED THIS HERO, American Jill Tupper TO JOIN US here 4 months ago. She left EVERYTHING — and came… Wow! 

Jill’s the REAL DEAL. Every day, she puts her life in danger on the literal front lines, sleeping in bunkers, ministering to the emotional, mental, & spiritual needs of VERY vulnerable people on the front lines AND freshly liberated areas. 

In this video, she’s in Bucha preaching “Whitfield-style” to VERY open, precious locals who are desperate for hope & answers. Nearly everyone here had family or friends who were x-ecuted, teror-ized, shott, permanently disappeared, or worse. JILL & TEAM BRING LOVE & RELIEF THAT HEAL!

Jill’s a neuroscientist & in her little spare time teacher this nation’s leaders how to reclaim calm in the midst of chaos… critical skills when making life & death decisions. 

WHAT AN HONOR it’s been to watch her ministry explode on the scene, as this country CANNOT GET ENOUGH of her & the real relief she brings. 

North, south, west, east — they’re fighting for just an hour of her time! 

Jill says, “Love is the only force more powerful than war,” and it’s true. As one of our Sponsored Heroes, Jill depends on our faithful giving to give wings to what she does, and it’s A GREAT HONOR to support her in every way we can. 
Please pray for her safety, for lasting fruit, and for abundant provision!  


August 22, 2022


I’ve seen with my own eyes; I’ve spoken with survivors…  Tens of thousands of families have been buried alive, blown to bits, crushed to dust, lost in rubble — for no other reason than they were born in this country and the enemy can’t stand them existing. 

Between 10 and 30 buildings like these, FILLED WITH FAMILIES, are DESTROYED on purpose by the invaders EVERY SINGLE DAY, still, even after six full months, and it’s NOT STOPPING. 
It’s the only way the enemy knows how to fight — terror, decimation, elimination, utter genocide.  ZERO honor. 

Believe it or not, everywhere the enemy occupies, the atrocities are even worse than what you see here. 

So in spite of this, we’re in the business of REDEMPTION & RESTORATION! Restoring HOPE, restoring HOMES, restoring HEARTS. 

I’m GRATEFUL for our teams of Heroes bringing new life, in every way, in Jesus’ Name, to survivors here.

August 21, 2022

Worst sights I’ve ever seen. FORTY kids were murdered in the area behind me — that open space used to have the middle of the building, which was targeted and bombed. 

Beside me are bomb craters in a community park. 

Our work continues to be critical as destruction like this, and worse, continues across this nation. 

Our staff & sponsored heroes are providing REAL help, REAL solutions, REAL hope every single day across this country.

Food, shelter, extractions & evacuations, listening ears, counseling, prayers, opportunities for collective worship, and more… 

Stay tuned as introduce you to our friends making the biggest difference & bring you in on urgent missions happening now. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and support! ❀️ πŸ™ πŸ’ͺ

August 20, 2022


URGENT RESCUE MISSION underway… As we check in on some of our partners & volunteers across Ukraine. 

Already, we’ve brought thousands to safety from the hardest hit areas — and we are NOT slowing down… Help make more rescues like this possible by contributing generously at 

BY THE WAY, EVERY GIFT UP TO $25,000 is being MATCHED due to the generosity of a special  anonymous donor! That means 25 is 50; 100 turns into 200,  5,000 magically shoots up to 10,000 — it’s a money miracle! Thank you for your generosity!

Stay tuned for PART TWO coming later today! 

CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational
VENMO: @HeroesInternational 
CHECK: Heroes International
               7017 Selby Road
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July 10, 2022


URGENT PRAYER REQUEST (please SHARE): RIGHT NOW, an “impossible mission” is underway to rescue 15 teen girls from a basement in enemy occupied Ukraine. 

We know with God ALL things are possible! 

Our team of Professionals is ready to attempt a VERY precarious extraction. 

This is after 6 weeks of waiting for the best chances to get the girls all out ALIVE. Roads are mined. Snipers destroying every car going in or out. 

This is the most  dangerous mission yet.  

Team leader on the ground sent me a simple prayer request: “Ask your people around the world to PRAY for our guys to operate in discernment, to get everyone out alive.” 

This is God’s work. Please join me in praying right now for their successful mission, for safety, for protection, for defeat & expulsion of a brutal enemy, and that the goodness of God would saturate the souls of each young woman and their caretakers now and beyond the conclusion of this awful war. 

You know it’s serious when I interrupt my first getaway since the war started to ask for prayer. 
Thank you for sharing, for praying, and for believing in miracles with me!


June 30, 2022


Update from Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Personal reflections, and a huge THANK YOU for your continued support. Please spare a couple minutes for this brief report. 

To donate to our continued critical evacuation & relief work, give securely & easily here:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational (code 1096)
Zelle:  (704) 490-1096
Check: Heroes International
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June 28, 2022

These guys are some of the most legit Heroes I’ve met in this war. They’ve risked life & limb, going into active war zones, mined roads, seen bombs explode, bodies of the innocent, and rescued, evacuated, & saved more people than any of us could ever know. They have my deepest respect and the support of #HeroesInternational. Great will be their reward in eternity! 

Here we are in #Kyiv, capital of #Ukraine, doing our best with my friend and mentor @tommytenney to let them know they’re loved, they’re doing the right thing, they can’t give up, and we are so very, very proud of them!

June 24, 2022

Saying goodbye is never easy. 77 year-old Valentina’s neighborhood was destroyed, friends and neighbors ripped apart by Russian bombs. She fled Severodonetsk in the east, and we had the honor of evacuating her from Ukraine to Moldova & beyond in one of the Emergency Rescue Vehicles YOU provided!

This happened exactly one week before her city completely fell to enemy forces. The invaders are again assaulting & mutilating women her age, for sport & pleasure, with impunity now. 
God, help them.  

But, Valentina is safe. 

She cried, we cried, and on the two day journey together through countless checkpoints, we came to love her. 

Valentina knows that at her age, there will be nothing to return to and rebuilding on her land isn’t exactly an option. 

She knows her home is not on this earth; and she knows that home is where family is. Her son has made a place for her. 

Some days we’re focused on rescuing dozens, but this day the focus was on the one. 
Valentina, you’re worth it!

By the way, the handsome gentleman you see saluting is my dear friend Tommy Tenney who made this particular rescue possible. 

What a blessing to have Tommy on the team, imparting wisdom, inspiring us and thousands of others, and ministering the love of Jesus everywhere we go — even inside a country as it’s being ravaged by war. 

#HeroesInternational #GodChaser 

Every person, priceless.


June 24, 2022

Another long but successful 2+ days…four border checkpoints, missed an awful multi-car crash with fatalities by seconds, dropped off precious cargo & picked up much needed supplies. Wanted to be home in time for dinner, but will be back in time for an early breakfast instead. 


June 23, 2022

These two are our HeroesInternational angels! EVERY SINGLE WEEK, Alexandra keeps our promise to our precious seniors, singles moms, and kids who need a little extra help, delivering God’s love in the form of food, firewood, medicine, and most importantly… time. Inge also joins regularly — she’s a praying powerhouse, and helps with medical care. 

Together, they are quite the team, and I’m beyond grateful to call them faithful friends and colleagues! 

“True religion is this: to care for widows and single moms, orphans and fatherless children, in their distress, and to not be controlled by selfish greed which rules the world.” James 1:22, GJM Translation 

Friends, YOUR generosity to the ministry enables us to keep on keepin’ on, and I’m so grateful for your committed & growing partnerships!

#Moldova #HeroesInternational 


June 20, 2022


This is my Ukraine, now in the fight for their lives, their liberty, their future. This war is where they earn their freedom. It’s where the last bastions of Soviet leftovers die — tyranny, corruption, bureaucracy, apathy, absolute dependence on the state. 

I’ve worked here for over 20 years and understand the culture quite well. Actually, I don’t… I understand what communism tried to force them to become — a shell of who they are. 

Only now am I finally seeing Ukraine, in her proud and glorious culture, her brave and noble roots, begin to emerge after a century of darkness. 

Of all the evils that have ever plagued the world, socialism and communism are without argue the most vile, violent, anti-human, anti-humanity, anti-life, anti-hope, anti-upward mobility, anti-progress, anti-prosperity, anti-charity, anti-good, anti-christ of them all. 

100 years of socialism & communism have killed more people than every other form of government in history combined. 

Ukraine, a nation and people far older and more noble than Russia, is finally forced to unite, to strike death blows to that which has bound it far too long. 

President Zelenskiy is the man for the hour. In my opinion, he’s the greatest leader Europe has had since Churchill… and he’s the only state leader in Europe man enough to stand up to the bully little Putin is. 

Zelenskiy has united Ukraine, given them something to believe in, something to fight for. He’s restored confidence in a government that for the first time since ‘91 is actually for the people. 
Never mind the official numbers — they’re deathly low. I’ve been in the thick of it in Ukraine, I have eyes on the ground where the fiercest fighting is happening now…

The innocent dead number into the hundred thousands, the number of children slain into the tens of thousands. Collaborators and partisans are being paid bounties for heads (or ears) — the invaders blindly assuming the bodies left behind were simply “sub-human” Ukrainians. 

The “Einsatzgrüpen” of WW2 have re-emerged wearing the emblem of Russia, repeating the same pattern of hiring a small minority of locals to participate in mass executions. 
But this time, the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians are under no confusion as to who their enemy is, and what they want. They know their very existence as a people hangs in the balance. 
So, they’re together, unified. They, like me, wonder where in God’s name the $40 billion + of relief has gone or is going. The bare feet and brave but pitifully outfitted soldiers on the frontline beg the same question. 

Victory is possible. Indeed, it is our only option. Why? Because the bear will not stop at Ukraine. If Russia takes Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and, yes, NATO lands will be next. 
We are teetering on the brink of WW3, and without Ukraine’s decisive victory, the world will be plunged into a battle unlike any seen before. 

Putin believes himself the reincarnation of Peter the Great (who was a monster). He’s a true believer in the destiny of Mother Russia to rule Europe, and anything justifies the means to do it. He’s not bound by the 10 Commandments or Golden Rule — his are the rules forged by Lenin and Stalin. Blood, terror, genocide, fear. 

Ukraine’s cause is righteous. What’s happening to them is on a scale the world hasn’t seen in 80 years. 

I’m giving my life to their relief, their support, their victory. Because they’re worth it. Europe is worth it. The world is worth it. 

THANK YOU, sincerely, to all who’ve supported us so generously, and to those who continue to sacrificially sow into what God is doing through our efforts on the ground here. 

Lives are being saved. Hearts are being healed. Courage is being imparted. Tools are being given. All in Jesus’ precious and mighty Name. 

Want to team up with us financially or in person? It’s easy! 


June 18, 2022

When in south Ukraine… Emergency gear we’re dropping off for helpers working the treacherous front lines. Tourniquets, trauma packs, vents, & more. Every day, my teams & I are doing ALL we can to stop the bleeding, to stop the pain, to stop the war.


June 14, 2022

Life is full of contrasts. Breakfast with this serene view near Odessa, while 60 miles away civilians are being massacred. In an hour, driving out of war torn Ukraine to my “safe” home in Moldova, while beside me sits a grandmother who just spent her first night away from home and doesn’t know if she will ever have a home (or country) again. We rescued her and are delivering her to a very safe and loving place. 

I’m happy and yet heartbroken. I’m grateful and yet longing to do more. 

Worshipping God and praising Him for the good I’m seeing through His people, while tearfully praying for this war and the destruction to end. 

Thank you, dear friends, for holding my hands up and empowering our teams to be able to do all of this.

June 12, 2022


These long-retired #Ukrainian gentlemen played such beautiful #music it stopped me in my tracks, here today in beautiful #Kyiv, the capital of #Ukraine, the center of what will be New Europe once the invaders go home. 

But seriously, this song brought tears to my eyes, knowing what the people here endured since February 24. 

And it made me cry knowing the war’s not over yet, and it made me cry thinking about Victory over the oppressors— the day we’ll all be dancing in the street. 

Until then, these are the moments that remind us what it is we’re fighting for.

June 12, 2022

DAY 108: KYIV, UKRAINE... Typical Sunday for me these days… Right now I’m sitting in church while arranging rescues for 15 orphans in direct line of fire of enemy forces, and coordinating final evacuations of a mother with her two young sons. After church, we’re testing potentially lifesaving gear, then MAYBE a bite at my favorite Kyiv dessert cafe… if we have time before curfew. 

Even if we don’t have time for my cafe today, that’s okay. This war won’t last forever. There’ll be time enough for cafes galore when the war is over... 

Until then, all for freedom. All for liberty!

PS SUPER grateful for Pastor Tommy Tenney coming to serve the Ukrainian church and our team at Heroes International in the middle of the war!

June 12, 2022

First time my eyes have seen such senseless, needless, atrocious destruction. ALL 100% in civilian areas. 

I don’t know if I’m more #heartbroken, disgusted, or angry. 

I captured this video here on the outskirts of #Kyiv, capital of #Ukraine. There are HUNDREDS of buildings like this, maybe thousands. Beyond heartbreaking. 

Now I understand why many of the women & children we rescued from the border were shaking so badly or silent — numb from days or weeks of carnage. 

Whatever it takes, the world MUST stop the enemy that wages war like this. 

We’re doing our part to bring #peace, #hope, #healing, and #love in #Jesus’ Name every single day, including right here. 

Even now, three of our teams are ministering and bringing real spiritual, psychological, and material relief. 

Please, consider making a generous #donation now to partner in our continued efforts. 
#CashApp: $HeroesInternational
#Venmo: @HeroesInternational (code 1096 if asked)
#Zelle: (704) 490-1096

7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701

June 10, 2022


Pretty much my life now in New Europe.
Edited by Vlad Kostelenko; original artwork by James-Michael Smith. A-Team created by Stephen J Cannel. These guys were my heroes in the 80’s! (Anyone else?)

June 6, 2022

I’m beyond grateful my dear friend Tommy Tenney has come to Ukraine to serve & encourage. Can’t tell you how exhausted people are after over 100 days and thousands of attacks on civilian populations. 

Tommy has a supernatural way of not just lifting spirits, but also of imparting real hope and tangible, fatherly love to those who need it most. Already we’ve had the honor of serving in churches, military camps, and, of course, countless hurting people we come across along the way. 

Tommy traveling to a literal war zone just to be there for our brothers & sisters by linking up with our team is beyond humbling. Our schedule has not been light, and we’re driving thousands of kilometers this tour.  

I’m grateful for him, for his amazing wife Jeannie Tenney who let him come, and for YOU — my dear friends who’s continued generosity allows us to share the love of Jesus in the most practical ways across this noble, nation in the time of their greatest need. 

Our motto has always been “Every person, priceless.” And that’s how we seek to live! 
Send out a big THANK YOU to Tommy, and check out our website to see how you & your organization can continue to be part of the miracles God is doing here!


June 6, 2022

That sweet, sweet diesel gold helps us deliver that sweet, sweet heavenly Gold... 

Your partnership is making a HUGE difference! On behalf of those we’ve reached, and those we will reach, THANK YOU for your faithful, continued generosity and partnership. 

PLEASE consider a gift of any size today to fund & fuel our Heroes International Relief & Rescue Teams in #Ukraine, #Moldova, #Poland, & #Romania. 

Giving is quick, safe, & easy here:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational 
Zelle: (704) 490-1096 (Gregory Montella, Bank of America)
Debit/Credit Card/International Wire/ACH:
Heroes International
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June 2, 2022

Lika Roman has been a dear friend & partner of Heroes for years. Together, we’ve joined forces in Ukraine to help make miracle surgeries happen, give hungry seniors food, and provide houses for those affected by fires and war. 

Now, Lika is advocating for an entire nation. Ukraine, a beautiful nation, under attack. 

Using her platform as a Christian minister, inspirational speaker, and former Miss Ukraine (2008), The Lika Roman Project is raising funds to provide lifesaving relief to people most deeply affected by the war. 

100% of every gift goes exactly where promised! And best of all, each gift is given in the beautiful name of Jesus, a pure and practical expression of God’s love. 

For more information, or to contact Lika’s office regarding scheduling, specific donations, or online/in-person speaking opportunities, please each out on Lika's website. 

 Gregg Montella and Lika Roman

June 1, 2022


I need your help to save lives! We begin tourniquet production the moment we’re fully funded. 

Rockets, bombs, and missiles are killing hundreds and ripping limbs off thousands of civilians. 

With your help, we have a chance to help stop the bleeding.

Check out my update on Day 96 of the War, and get involved as your heart leads. Every amount, no matter how small or big, makes a huge difference!

May 29, 2022


Toma went to be with Jesus last night, just hours after our team was able to visit and pray with her and her family. THANK YOU for your earnest prayers, and continued prayers for comfort for her family during this difficult time. We do take comfort knowing we didn’t “lose her”. She was found, so found! And is now resting & healed in the arms of our Father. If you’d like to contribute towards her final hospital or funeral costs, please donate at, and be sure to write “Honoring Toma’s Life” (or anything like that), and 100% of those gifts will go directly to her family.

May 28, 2022

Remember her? She needs your help, one more time! 

Nederlanders, mijn trouwe vrienden! Reaching out to you!) BIG REQUEST here — I have one BIG, AMAZING family that my team & I picked up that needs A LOVING HOME or HOMES in Netherlands! 

I was there personally at the Ukrainian border the day they fled the bombing. One of our #heroesinternational Emergency Rescue Vehicles delivered them to a partner camp in #Moldova. 

Months later, in a whirlwind, I received word they’d been transferred to Holland, and days ago I got an emergency call  that they may be in danger. 

What to do? So I jumped on a plane… My #1 goal right now is getting this family to a SAFE, loving, comfortable home or homes with room for the children to play, the moms to explore a bit, and the grandparents to walk. 

This family of 10 can split into 2 or 3 homes, and would ideally be placed in the same city or village together:

1. Mother with 3 children: two girls and a boy. 
2. Mother (sister of the other mother) with 2 children: a boy and girl, both under 10 years old 
3. Grandmother & Grandfather (parents of the sibling mothers)

A little backstory: they come from a village near Nikolayev, Ukraine, and OF COURSE want to return once it’s safe. But right now, their region is under fierce attack by the invaders. 

Please share on your page and forward to anyone you think may be interested. 

A HUGE thank you to my Dutch friends & family! You’re geweldig! 

May 27, 2022

So proud of our team! From Jill Tupper: "Egor & Val are taking me now to a camp filled with soldiers’s wives & their children. They saw their neighbors murdered & literally had to dig them out of the rubble. As a result, many are traumatized & having nightmares. Please πŸ™πŸΎπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦God’s Spirit will work through me this day to be a healing presence. πŸ’™ #warzone #trauma #hope #godswarriorpoweredbylove"

May 25, 2022

Soooo darn proud of our team! Jill Tupper in Ukraine for weeks now, ministering God’s love ❀️ & peace ✌🏼 πŸ•Š in literal trenches, b shelters, & packed churches as air raid sirens 🚨 sound constantly. What an honor to partner with her and Young Life Moldova / Young Life sharing her wonderful heart & practical tools. 

To support Jill’s vital work here, visit

May 25, 2022

I’m so proud of our most special hero, АлСксандра Π‘Π΅Π»Ρ‡ΡƒΠΊ! Faithful & true to our precious seniors.  GOD’S LOVE & COMFORT in the form of food, firewood, medicine, TIME & PRAYER every single week!

They’re TERRIFIED of the Red Army’s return to Moldova — a real possibility by Christmas this year.  

Most of them, their siblings, & mothers, were unspeakably assaulted by the Soviet Army nearly 80 years ago. They remember, and they know, the nature of Stalin’s troops. That same spirit has resurrected, and they’ve told me they’d rather die than go through it again. 

We will not abandon them, and I’ll defend them to the end. 

Your faithful generosity makes this all possible. Thank you for standing with us through thick & thin! 

#heroesinternational #moldova #peace #donate #jesus #Godislove

May 23, 2022

“Max” shot this video outside his front door,  after the invaders bombed and then went door to door “cleansing” his (entirely civilian) village. (See video here)

He fled with his girlfriend (she’s in the video) as houses in their neighborhood burned to the ground, bravely protecting her as they made their way through Russian lines, across Belarus, and then to freedom in Poland and beyond. 

I met Max after speaking in church yesterday. We sat together & he shared his story. With tears in his eyes, he wanted me to thank YOU for empowering us to rescue MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE A DAY from scenes like this. 

With no one to help, Max & his girlfriend could have been shot, killed by bombs or mines, or executed on site MANY times during their flight to freedom. Countless others (numbering into the thousands) were not as fortunate, disappearing into forests, mass graves, & mobile crematoriums. 

How I wish we could have been in their village before the chaos and murder there. 
But now, we are in many others, putting our own lives on the line to make a difference. 
Even though it’s not on the news much, I need to tell you this war is far from over. Russia continues its killing (and worse) spree across Ukraine with ambitions far beyond Donbas. 
We’re still going for it! Saving those marked for death, being LOVE in a time of hate, HOPE  in a time of despair, PEACE in a time of war, LIGHT in a time of great darkness. All in Jesus’ Name. 
Your partnership is making a HUGE difference! On behalf of those we’ve reached, and those we will reach, THANK YOU for your faithful, continued generosity and partnership. 

PLEASE consider a gift of any size today to fund & fuel our Heroes International Relief & Rescue Teams in #Ukraine, #Moldova, #Poland, & #Romania. 

Giving is quick, safe, & easy here:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational 
Zelle: (704) 490-1096 (Gregory Montella, Bank of America)
Debit/Credit Card/International Wire/ACH:
Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701


May 20, 2022

Forgive me for being so somber the past months. Forgive me for asking for support so often. Forgive me for being too busy and hyper-focusing on the task at hand. 

This war won’t be around forever, and neither will so many precious people if we don’t do our part now. 

Anastasia is one of thousands of people who’ve been killed by Russian forces in the past 85 days. 

One of thousands. 

Her story, and the others I learn of daily, firsthand from survivors, is why I’m obsessed with rescuing as many people as possible. 

I promise I’ll get back to jovial Gregg. I promise I’ll bring more levity one day. Just not yet. Not yet. This is the task at hand. 

It’s war and for me, defending the innocent marked for slaughter in Europe now is the great cause of my lifetime.


May 19, 2022


A special THANK YOU to Victory Church Atlanta, Senior Pastor Johnson, Mission Pastor Ferrell Brown, Jace, & Caleb. We love you! (And Pastor Todd, we missed you!)

Also, HUGE thanks to YOU! All my friends around the world who’ve supported & continue to partner with us in doing our part in the war effort.

May 19, 2022


I love the team that joined us from @victoryatlmissions in Atlanta, and I love our @HeroesInternational team, too. It’s an honor to serve & be blessed by both! 

Thank you, @theferrellbrown for being an epic missions pastor, man of wisdom, vision, & friend. Your presence & time together is always priceless. 

Huge thanks to you, and the whole Victory Church Atlanta family! 

Pastor Todd, we missed you!I love the team that joined us from @victoryatlmissions in Atlanta, and I love our @HeroesInternational team, too. It’s an honor to serve & be blessed by both! 

Thank you, @theferrellbrown for being an epic missions pastor, man of wisdom, vision, & friend. Your presence & time together is always priceless. 

Huge thanks to you, and the whole Victory Church Atlanta family! 

Pastor Todd, we missed you!

May 17, 2022 

We’re improvising! The war in Ukraine has led to severe diesel restrictions… so we’re improvising just over the border as we gift another Emergency Rescue Vehicle 🚨🚐🚨 to another one of our Heroes. 

MORE humanitarian aid delivered to vulnerable Ukrainians, AND more civilians delivered out of the path of war’s destruction.

I love it! #heroesinternational 

We’d love your support! 

CashApp $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational 
Zelle: (704) 490-1096

Check or money order:
Heroes International 
7017 Selby Rd
Athens, OH 45701

May 15, 2022


Refugee’s bodies, minds, hearts & souls are overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, grief & despair. Caring for these brave Ukrainian heroes…12 year old, Alysha had significant pain in her neck & it released. One of our YL leaders fled the war & was completely unable to calm her mind…we were able to help her calm her body, mind, heart & soul. A refugee dad was carrying extreme stress in his upper back & he found peace. Sasha had been dealing with extreme neck pain for some time & it released! So grateful to GodπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ’œ#warriorpoweredbylove younglife.ukraine Gregg Montella Vova Hryhorchuk Raisa Guivan Andrea Schuetter Schott StretchLab

So proud of Jill Tupper… The compassion, Quality of care, and practical tools she’s giving to Ukrainians affected by the war is amazing. What an honor to have her part of the team! Read her story and help her out at

May 14, 2022

The real heroes right here! Non-identical literal twins Dima & Andrey, and their teams. 

They put their lives at risk nearly every day, evacuating vulnerable people and bringing them to safety. They were just a block away when the kramatorsk train station was attacked, and immediately jumped into action treating the wounded. 

Today, we delivered into Ukraine three Emergency Rescue Vehicles, and they’re all basically twins, too — just like these guys! 

How wonderful it will be to start hearing the stories of the precious people rescued in these vans!  I cannot think of a more practical way to share the selfless, extravagant, saving love of God. 

They’ve saved thousands of people already in other vehicles YOU sponsored… 

Stay tuned for more!
#heroesinternational #ukraine
See comments for how to invest in this urgent work!

May 13, 2022

On the way to UKRAINE πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ with THREE MORE Emergency Rescue Vehicles! 🚨 🚐 🚨🚐🚨🚐🚨

That’s at least 30 - 50 MORE innocent Ukrainian civilians (women, children, elderly, & other-abled) delivered to safe places EVERY DAY. 

I’m immensely grateful for our staff, volunteers, and partners like YOU for making these rescues happen. 

What a great day!

Join our “GO TEAM” to fuel & feed the rescues… 
$100 powers a van for a day, bringing 10 - 15 or more people to safety
$300 powers all three vans for a day, bringing 30 - 45 people out of harm’s way 
$3,000 fuels a rescue vehicle & occupants for a month!
$9,000 powers the drivers, passengers, & all three vans for their critical daily rescue work across Ukraine’s hotspots

On the way to UKRAINE πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ with THREE MORE Emergency Rescue Vehicles! 🚨 🚐 🚨🚐🚨🚐🚨
That’s at least 30 - 50 MORE innocent Ukrainian civilians (women, children, elderly, & other-abled) delivered to safe places EVERY DAY. 

I’m immensely grateful for our staff, volunteers, and partners like YOU for making these rescues happen. 

What a great day!

Join our “GO TEAM” to fuel & feed the rescues… 
$100 powers a van for a day, bringing 10 - 15 or more people to safety
$300 powers all three vans for a day, bringing 30 - 45 people out of harm’s way 
$3,000 fuels a rescue vehicle & occupants for a month!
$9,000 powers the drivers, passengers, & all three vans for their critical daily rescue work across Ukraine’s hotspots to make a difference! to make a difference!

May 12, 2022

An absolute honor meeting Ambassador of Ukraine to Moldova, Mr. Marko Shevchenko, and his lovely wife, Mrs. Olesia Shevchenko at the Ukrainian Embassy in Chisinau today. 

We discussed how Heroes International is serving the precious people of Ukraine, and began formulating plans for potential long-term cooperation in the war relief effort. 

What’s the #1 need they communicated for right now? Tourniquets and trauma kits that our drivers will personally deliver to paramedics in hotspots, civilian areas under imminent attack, and freshly liberated zones. 

Now, who has leads (or would like to find leads) on bulk tourniquets and/or paramedic trauma kits? a

Thanking God for His loving & abundant provision in advance, and thanking God for YOU, my dear friends who are with me in spirit during this time of great suffering… and great miracles.

May 12, 2022

Meet Jill Tupper — OUR NEWEST #HeroesInternational TEAMMATE! She’s on her way to #Ukraine right now to teach #firstresponders the #neuroscience of stress & trauma relief. She gives tools to live, think, & operate HEALTHIER, BETTER, WISER, & CALMER. Jill’s amazing, and so is the work she’s doing with #refugees, ministers, anyone touched by this terrible #war. PLEASE GIVE JILL a warm WELCOME, and consider supporting her in this critical #mission. WELCOME, JILL! We’re thrilled you’re here! #moldova #hero

May 6, 2022

Remember “D” in Ukraine? (Listen to this story from the front!) 

YOUR GENEROSITY provided D & Team with Emergency Rescue Vehicles and tons of supplies. 
Dima’s risking his life daily & has saved HUNDREDS of people thanks to YOU! 

Jesus said, “No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for his friends.” These guys are so full of God’s love — they’re willing to give it all for even complete strangers. 

The real heroes. It’s an honor to call Dima colleague, brother, and friend!!! 

The war continues and we continue to support Dima, the other Dima, Alex, and so many others making a difference in Ukraine’s most at-risk areas. 

I’m thanking God for THEM, and for YOU, my faithful friends! 

Check out how your continued generosity can help in major ways, at HeroesInternational dot org 
#heroesinternational #ukraine #evacuation # refugees #warrelief #godislove #vw #mercedes #rescuevehicles #heroes #donate

May 1, 2022


“My boy, remember the example I set: Pretend to be pro-family — American Christians will love that. Justify genocide by saying you’re protecting those ethnically ‘yours‘. Don’t influence by love or rationality; just kill people until everyone is scared to death to stand in your way. Sacrifice your troops & execute your officers until something, anything, works. And for the love of God, invest in a good bunker. You’re going to need it.”

April 30, 2022


Life continues, but differently, in wartime Ukraine. This poster deeply moves me. Why?
Zoom in on her eyes. Look at her hands.
[CONTENT WARNING: rape, death]
In this war, the aggressors, Russian troops, have been given the green light to rape, mutilate, and kill anyone in Ukraine. I personally have seen dead raped seniors, teenagers, and toddlers.
Our team has discovered piles of dead, naked women who were obviously tortured, mutilated, & gang raped.
So, many Ukrainian women have decided to fight back.
They go through training, they turn their fear and anger into action, they channel their love for family, country, & other women to righteous fury. They fight. Or they bake & deliver food to soldiers. They treat the injured. They serve.
I hate this war. But I’m always impressed beyond words by the courage, strength, resilience, determination of Ukrainian women.
They’re beautiful, they know it, and they’re embracing this new reality of what it means to be a woman in the opening theater of what’s likely WWIII.
They’ve had to dehumanize Ukrainians. Ukrainians speak Russian and Ukrainian. They’re siblings, cousins, family.
So Putin & his cronies decided to call Ukrainians Nazis. They’re not.
We’ve seen Christian Ukrainian girls’ bodies with swastikas carved or burned into their flesh immediately before death; Russian soldier’s sadistic justification for the atrocities they’re committing — falsely labeling these even these poor girls as subhumans.
Once here, Russian troops know full well Ukrainians aren’t Nazis, they come to understand quickly that Ukrainians hate Nazis as much (or more) than anyone!
But it doesn’t matter what the Russian troops understand — they don’t care. Their training dehumanizes them & causes them to have utter disregard for their own comrades’ lives, as well as for the lives of innocent civilians.
Most have terrible lives back home and are paid next to nothing. A microwave or washing machine is a luxury worth killing a civilian family for. This was also directly approved, publicly, by Putin for his soldiers in Ukraine.
This war is far from over. Russia’s ambitions are still to take all of Ukraine, to erase them, and to take Moldova, Georgia, the Balkans, the Baltics, and go to Berlin and Brussels.
Ukraine is the shield of Europe. Ukrainian men & women won’t give up. And with our help, they’ll win, and save us all.
Support our important work in Ukraine by helping wherever you are. Here’s how:
Credit/debit card, ACH, bank transfer or international wire:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational (code 1096 if asked)
Zelle: (704) 490-1096
The ‘ole faithful check or money order:
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701

April 29, 2022 

“The Gospel looks like food to those who are hungry.” Our Heroes International team partner Alex Zolotoy provided bread AND the Bread of Life to this grateful family. 
Every day, we’re feeding some of the most vulnerable families left behind in Ukraine. So proud and thankful for our teams. And all of our teams & I are PROUD & THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!

April 28, 2022

These kids have big shoes to fill! Moms fled Russia’s carnage in Ukraine with their children, often risking their lives on the roads just for the chance of surviving. 
These moms are brave, courageous, loving, selfless, and are desperately missing their husbands, sons, and fathers. 
Here, today, our youngest Ukrainian guests at one of our refugee camps are entertained & greatly encouraged by our Heroes International superstars Natasha & Ross. I’m so proud of them!

April 26, 2022


I’m still here. 
The Russians just attacked their own infrastructure in Moldova, 30 minutes from me, blaming it on anti-Russian sentiment, and are using it as a pretext to invade the Transnistrian region of Moldova… from which they would attempt to take Odessa in Ukraine.  
They’d also control all of Moldova in a day, and likely punish downtown Chisinau for being so friendly with Europe.
The war isn’t close to over. Russia still plans on taking Moldova, Georgia, the Balkans, & Baltics. They’ll take as much as the rest of the world will let them have. 
Please stop these bullies and send them back to Russia where they belong.

April 25, 2022

This war is awful. I try to stay focused on the beautiful things God is doing as people are rescued, comforted, given hope, housed, receive paperwork and visas and passports to new lives, fed, connected to new friends who are as angels on earth. 

I try to stay focused on the light and the beautiful things. 

But this war is awful, and I find myself staring its ugliness in the face. Friends killed, missing, raped & mutilated. Houses bombed for no reason other than sheer evil. 

Knowing a genocide as bad and broad as Hitler’s is happening next door, in my dear Ukraine where I’ve served for 20 years. And knowing the world for the most part refuses to believe us, refuses to acknowledge it’s as bad as the survivors and I testify it is. 

(Except for YOU, my dear friends, who’ve believed, stood by us, and prayed & given sacrificially to ensure so many miracles are able to happen! You, my friends, are a cut above!)

But so much of the rest of the world just doesn’t know. Or, if they know, they don’t really care. They let the election mess and the COVID mess poison their minds to anything real, so much that they’d rather believe nothing is bad except the media who’s actually UNDERreporting the atrocities being committed right now. 

The West has chanted, “never again,” like a mantra since 1945, and still do after every single WW2 movie. And, yet, we are making exactly the same mistakes. At some point, we’re going to realize we waited far too long, giving in to the threats of this generation’s bullysome, maniacal little tyrant.  

Today, I found two dear friends narrowly escaped death through cluster bombs being dropped in their residential neighborhood. 

I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t want anymore bloodshed, of course. 

But I also know that life is not so sweet, nor peace so dear, so as to be purchased at the cost of an entire nation of 42 million’s eradication from the face of the earth. 

And mark my words — if Russia isn’t stopped in Ukraine, they’re coming for us here in Moldova next. And then on and on and on.  

Hard day with a good cry, and putting my hand back to the plow. With our team, doing all the good we can by all the means we can, as ever long as we can.

April 22, 2022

Thousands of these across Ukraine now. 

What if it was your grandmother? What if an invading army was raping, mutilating, and murdering helpless grandparents in our own countries? 

This is why we continue to send Rescue Teams to evacuate seniors, mothers, & children by the dozens every day.

April 22, 2022

UPDATE: I’m half a mile from Ukrainian soil, with some GOOD NEWS! 

#heroesinternational #humanitarian #ukrainianrefugees #update #ukrainewar #ukraine #charity #godislove #jesus 

I’d love for you to join us in our mission to share God’s love in the most practical ways with our Ukrainian friends… 

It’s easy, safe, & secure! Your generosity can be shared in these ways:

By debit/credit card, ACH, bank transfer or wire:

CashApp: $HeroesInternational

Venmo: @heroesinternational (code 1096 if asked)

Zelle: (704) 490-1096

Or good old-fashioned check:
Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701

Thanks everyone & much love! 

April 22, 2022


“It’s the little things…” 

What if you had to flee a war without your family and without your favorite things to do? 
Karl, one of our awesome visiting Heroes, blesses a NATIONALLY RANKED Ukrainian chess prodigy on his 12th birthday with a beautiful new CHESS SET!

Now this young man can do one of the things he loves most, AND teach other kids the joys of this timeless game of strategy. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the little things!

April 20, 2022

What if it were your children? These kids all fled the horrors of war in Ukraine, and are now SAFE here in CAMP JOY, Moldova!

Teams of Heroes from Heroes International and our awesome local church “Word of Faith” play games, sports, color, practice creativity, and most importantly, show these precious Ukrainian children that they’re safe, important, and loved! 

We have over 100 VIP refugees here, and over 100 more at another camp we serve in weekly. Please pray for these precious people as the war just down the road rages on. 

If you’d like to know more or support this work, please check out link in bio. Your generosity is MUCH appreciated, my friends! #heroesinternational #refugee #moldova #ukraine

April 18, 2022


God have mercy. Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters defend their families & homes tonight as Russia’s second major offensive of the war just began. 

Remember, Russia’s goal is the murder & elimination of all Ukrainian people. Rape, mutilation, torture, & murder of women, children, & the elderly are encouraged by Putin’s generals. Mobile crematoriums are brought along with every Russian brigade to erase evidence of their own dead, and to erase evidence of rapes & other war crimes. 

Ukraine is in the the fight for their lives. Please pray for miraculous and speedy victory.

April 16, 2022

In February, Putin made a rape joke about Ukraine, saying, “Like it or not, my Beautiful Girl, you just have to take it.” 

This mural in Rivne, Ukraine is titled "The Beautiful Girl Won't Just Take It.”  The artist, Konstantin Kachanovsky, made a masterpiece, I think. 

By the way, Putin’s disgusting approach to sexual violence is the policy his soldiers have adopted in their campaign against the Ukrainian people. I’ll be reporting on that later today.

April 15, 2022

She’s 28. Widowed too early, with two children & a brother with special needs. Our team here includes a Pastor’s wife from Odesa (who lives in the refugee camp down the road), Inga, & АлСксандра. They pray for this precious mother, offering love and assistance with paperwork so she can move forward with her life. She grieves… and we grieve with her.

April 15, 2022

Yes! Dozens of #Ukraine’s children of war are SAFE and HAVING FUN in our refugee camps in #Moldova today. Heroes International’s very own ΠΠ°Ρ‚Π°ΡˆΠ° Π¨Π²Π΅Π΄ΠΎΠ²Π° is our Activities Director, and is doing an AWESOME job doing crafts, art, puzzles, & games with the kids.
We are love in the time of war, healing in a time of great pain, safety in a time of danger, peace in a time of terror.
This is the example Jesus set on this day 2000 years ago, and it’s exactly that redemptive love, that love that resurrects even the dead, that we seek to pour out on those in our care.
A HUGE shout out to Word of Faith Chisinau for sending a team today, GOOD FRIDAY, to spend time with these precious young people! Thank you to our Hero АлСксандра Π‘Π΅Π»Ρ‡ΡƒΠΊ for helping arrange it!

April 13, 2022

All refugees from Odesa & Nikolayev, Ukraine, made homeless by the Russian hordes… now safe from their bombs, boots, & bodies. Safe here, for now, in #Moldova.
Our #HeroesInternational Teams are now on site regularly, bringing SMILES from great food, campfires, crafts, sports, music, listening ears, and gentle prayers.
Hands & feet of Jesus stuff.
Pray this horrible war ends soon, and that we would save as many from harm as possible, and bring as many smiles to the rescued as possible, in Jesus’ Name.
Your support most graciously appreciated today. Sending love to all!


April 7, 2022


Live from Ukraine: VITAL AID NEEDED in RACE AGAINST TIME… the massacres in Bucha, Irpin, & more CONTINUE AND WILL SPREAD. Our Emergency Rescue Teams NEED GAS & BULLETPROOF VESTS to evacuate civilians from the paths of advancing Russian Rape & Death Squads. 

Please help!

Our Heroes are operating overtime to save as many people from the now undeniable, unrestrained barbarism of Putin’s army. 

We need your assistance, today. Here’s how you, your church, school, or civic group can help from home:

  • $25 - $50 buys up to half a tank of gas and moves innocent civilians hundreds of kilometers from danger
  • $100 buys a tank of gas to bring 9 - 25 people to safety
  • $350-$500 buys a bulletproof vest, depending on protection level, to protect one Rescue Driver
    $1,200 powers our entire fleet for a day, bringing at least 200 women, children, elderly, and other-able to safe places
  • $3,000 feeds & fuels an Emergency Rescue Vehicle for a full month, delivering 700 precious innocents, or more, out of harm’s way
  • $36,000 covers all our Emergency Rescue Teams’ fuel costs for an entire month — and if we’re lucky — may get us through the worst of the war
  • $50,000 buys 100 best-rated (Level 4) bulletproof vests, designed to protect against snipers and shrapnel for our 30 Heroes Drivers and 70 additional Rescue Drivers in our direct network.

Every single driver is trusted, putting their lives in the line of fire every day. Let’s protect them and their critical mission!

To make your best gift safely, securely, and quickly:
By debit/credit card or direct bank deposit:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational
Zelle: (704) 490-1096
PayPal: (One Heart Mission) 
Check or money order:
Heroes International 
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701

***PS — I’m getting A LOT of messages asking HOW & WHY Russian soldiers could possibly behave this way. The answers are simple. Would anyone be interested in me making a post discussing this issue? It could bring a lot of clarity and help anyone understand the basis on which these, and even worse, atrocities are being committed.

I’ve been working in Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern & Central Europe for 22 years, and understand it quite well.  

Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in a special FB LIVE Q&A Session on this  ****

April 6, 2022


Yesterday, I ate lunch in a small cafe here in Ukraine. A teenage girl, about 15, and her brother, no older than 6 or 7, dined together at the table beside me. They shared a pizza, no drinks, and were silent their entire meal. The moment they were finished, the quickly exited the restaurant. 

The server raced outside, grabbed the girl by her jacket, and marched her to the register to pay. The girl, hands trembling, pulled out a crumpled equivalent of a $5 bill. 
It was obvious this was just about all the money she had. 

After they paid, I met them on the street and told them in very broken Russian that I’m a friend, an American volunteer, and God told me to give them the equivalent of $100 so they can eat for a while. They refused the money, terrified. I put it in his jacket pocket and walked away. 

I was about 20 seconds down the sidewalk and they ran after me, crying profusely. I couldn’t understand everything, but what I did plainly understand is that they are from Kiev, their parents were shot dead by Russian soldiers IN THEIR OWN HOUSE, and the last thing their mom told them was to run and not stop running. 

They somehow made it on a train and got off here, where they know nobody and trust nobody. This poor girl is now mother to her brother, orphaned in a nation at war. 

Just today, a doctor from their region said nearly all the children found alive have vaginal and rectal tears dating back to as long as a few weeks ago (when the russians occupied that territory) to as fresh as a week ago. Russians were literally passing around children as sex slaves and using them until some died. 

The only thing I knew to do was contact a local Protestant church to help. (The Orthodox church “helps” by giving lists of names and addresses of local Ukrainian patriots to Russian troops and collaborators to act as rape & death squads, with “God’s blessing”.) 

As I searched for a church, the kids got antsy, and within moments, ran away again. I couldn’t find them and I don’t think at this point they want to be found. 

They’re two children among THOUSANDS, maybe tens of thousands, of newly orphaned kids and teenagers. 

Do you want to know the truth of what’s happening in Ukraine? I’ve been saying it for weeks, ever since the refugees I picked up told me firsthand what they experienced from the Russian invaders… 

The truth is that the media has DOWNPLAYED the atrocities committed by the Russians. If YOU REALLY KNEW what Russia has been doing in every village and town since the war started, you would be begging your government to get involved in WW3, forget the consequences. 

Do you think Bucha and Irpin are unique? Do you really believe these are isolated incidents in a war waged by gentlemen Russian troops? 

No. I’ve been saying and will say it until the world understands — in every conflict zone, village, city, farm, the Russians are dragging men, women, and children from their homes, raping and torturing the women and children, making the men and boys run so they can hunt them for sport. They are cooperating with mobile phone manufacturers to find social media posters and influencers, going directly to their homes, and executing them point blank in the streets. They are targeting pastors and Christian leaders, volunteers and humanitarian workers, blowing us up, stealing aid, burning us to death for fun.

The mass graves, the hands tied behind the backs and bullets in heads, the hundreds of civilians — murdered women and children — they’ve found already, are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Trust me — you have yet to see the worst atrocities the Russians committed, are committing, and will commit in Ukraine. 

Historically, honorable warfare is not a concept embraced by the Russian or Soviet armies for over 100 years. They’re given the green light, just like in WW2, to take, use, rape, and kill anyone and anything they like as they make war. 

They are white like some of us, but they are not like most of us. They are not European in their sense of morality. They are godless, brutal, and barbarous who kill as the heathens in the days of old. 

They are devils, devils incarnate, who know no mercy, but will face justice either in this life or the life to come. 

I beg you. Stop believing the maniacs who defend the Russians and blame this on the Ukrainians. Nothing justifies what Russian army is doing. Nothing justifies it. 

The blood of the innocents, the suffering of Ukraine’s new orphans, cries out for you to stop embracing absurd conspiracy theories, this Russian propaganda directed toward far-right American Christians. 

You’re believing lies, you’re standing alongside an army as evil as Hitler’s Nazis. Yes, it’s true. You’re on the wrong side of history, and your skepticism is costing relief agencies like mine and others millions of dollars that could go to saving lives, getting children to safety. 
Putin’s animals belong in prison, in the ground, or anywhere is Russia as long as they never leave its borders again. 

Look at Zelinski. This isn’t an act. It’s not a show. Anyone who can make others laugh knows what it means to suffer and cry. He’s not a comedian anymore. He’s the President of the free world, a hero who stands alone against the resurrected Stalinist Soviet War Machine. God bless him, and God bless Ukraine.
If you’ve made it this far, please consider supporting our effort to rescue more innocents from conflict zones. We need bulletproof vests for our drivers. They’re not cheap, but our drivers and their cargo are worth it. 

Please make your best gift now at
Or by 
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Zelle: (704) 490-1096
Or check/money order:
Heroes International
7017 Selby Rd
Athens, OH 45701οΏΌ

April 5, 2022

My name is Gregg Montella. I was raised in rural Athens County, Ohio, in the Appalachian foothills, by a loving family who put each other, and God, first.

I was a studious and funny kid. Very early in school, I discovered I had a deep desire to fight injustice and speak for the basic human rights of those who couldn’t speak for themselves. 

The best way to make a difference, given my emerging personality, I felt, was to combine thoughtful humor with stories and logical dialogue, and by the written word. 

When I was sixteen, my goal in life was either to be a comedy writer, politician, or businessman. But God had other plans… 

One evening, having been exhausted by religion, and desperate to know if there was an ounce of truth to any of it, I asked Jesus, “If you’re real, please be real to me.”

Suddenly, the most wonderful waves of love and light washed over me, driving out heaviness and darkness. 

Everything changed. Everything. I was truly alive!

Then, I thought my only option was to become a preacher, so I went to ministry school at 17.
I didn’t go to have a profession, or to gain financial security as a hired pastor. I went because I wanted to change the world with the love of God. 

So at 19, I went on every single mission trip I could. And as much as I saw others being changed, God was changing me more. 

Waking me up to the true suffering and needs of people around the world. Showing me what kinds of preaching and programs work (and don’t work). Bringing mentors into my at exactly the right times who helped (and still help!) me grow, do, and be better. 

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of serving in over 100 nations around the world. First, as an evangelist, revivalist, and church planter. Now, as something much more.

At 22, I moved to my “mission field” in Europe, and soon began serving regularly in the nation of Ukraine. 

There I was exposed to poverty (& strength!) unlike anything I’d ever imagined. It didn’t make sense — people who looked exactly like my family, in a terrain that looked exactly like home. 
My team and I worked in orphanages and hosted thousands of people on short-term mission trips to help out. In time, our orphan friends “graduated” and multitudes went missing. 

It didn’t take long to understand many had been trafficked for the most nefarious purposes, "saved" and yet living in hell, destined to die terrible deaths. 

As a big brother with two sisters I love very deeply, I couldn't continue on as normal. I transitioned most of my efforts to combatting sex trafficking using a variety of prevention techniques, including education and job creation. 

My best friends and I formed a nonprofit called Heroes International, based on the idea that every person’s ordinary skills can be used to do extraordinary good in the lives of others, particularly in this part of the world. 

Now, for 22 years, I’ve been living or working in Ukraine, Moldova, and other surrounding areas, serving the vulnerable. Children, single mothers, the elderly, the other-abled… 

…and empowering a generation of young entrepreneurs in the post-Soviet world to dream, to dream big, and to live for a purpose greater than just themselves. 

During much of the lockdown years, I was back in Ohio beautifying and redeeming neighborhoods deemed as dead or dying. Thank God, we’re seeing jobs created and fun, family-oriented businesses open. 

By the way, NEVER have I received a salary from the nonprofit — that’s a decision I made early on and will stick to forever. I work for my own money, so every single penny donated goes 100% directly to the work of the ministry overseas. 

Before Christmas 2021, I returned full-time to post-Soviet Europe. In fact, I spent New Year’s and Christmas last year in Kyiv, Ukraine and just a week before the war was in Dnepr, Odesa, and Nikolayev. 

Now, since this terrible war has started, I’m dug in. We’ve pivoted and have grown our team to better serve the most vulnerable across Ukraine and surrounding nations. 

We have staff of 20 and growing; a fleet of Emergency Rescue Vehicles operating from sun up to sun down; a ministry team serving hundreds of refugees in camps with counseling, education, skill development, sports and entertainment, and old-fashioned revival preaching. 
But we’re not complacent. The needs are greater now than ever, and to save lives we need more partners and more support. We need gas for our rescue vans. We need financial assistance for our aid workers. We need bulletproof vests for our drivers and counselors. And we need a sponsor for an entire refugee camp and HQ we’re in negotions to buy from the Moldovan government for pennies on the dollar. 

I’m returning to my roots — in addition to directing all of the above, I’m back ministering in churches, preaching, lifting up Jesus, and growing our partner base to make this most urgent work sustainable. 

Before the war, I was here. After the war, I’ll be here. In the meantime, it certainly is a pleasure getting to know you and knowing so many of you are partnering with us, joining our support team, at this critical time. 

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s stepped up to help us save lives in this awful war. We’ve rescued thousands of people already because of you, and we’re not slowing down. 
I love my life! Hate this war, of course, but, goodness, I love my life. 

If you have any questions about me, or the work I or my team are doing, or if you’d like to support our efforts, please contact me at your convenience. 

My email is and my phone number via WhatsApp or Viber is +1.770.778.1844. 

Also, follow my on IG, and our ministry @HeroesInternational here, and check out our website at

April 4, 2022

Anatomy of a Reunion: Alex is reunited with his wife & sons after a month of war kept them apart. 

In the midst of overwhelming suffering & need, this is a stark reminder that no matter what, it’s always about the one. 

I’m in #Ukraine now, honored to witness this precious time they have together — it will only be a full day and two nights. 

31 hours from now, Alex must return to serve in Ukraine’s east; Katya and the boys return to #Moldova, where Heroes International has pledged to protect them until this war is over. 

As you may know, Ukraine forbids men age 16 - 60 from leaving the country. It is their duty, and I agree, to stay, to either defend their land, or to serve the people this awful war is causing to suffer. 

Alex is AWESOME — on the weekends he’s a youth pastor and preacher in #KrivoyRog, and the rest of the week he’s one of our sponsored Heroes — driving into danger zones to bring people to safety, delivering food to the hungry, & more. 

Katya, his wife, is joining our Refugee Camp ministry in Moldova, and is growing a small business on the side — one that will suit her whenever she goes home. 

One month ago, Alex tearfully brought her & their two sons to us after bombing in their town shook them out of bed. He made the right move. 

And bringing them together for a day here in Ukraine is the right move, too. 

It’s your support that makes it happen relentlessly. You’re my heroes, and, for the next days, you’re Alex & Katya’s heroes, too!

Donate quickly & easily now to sponsor this and more reunions with more couples at the link below:


April 4, 2022



Two more families crossed SAFELY into #Moldova from #Ukraine Sunday, and are in secure homes with warm showers and hot meals, thanks to YOUR #generosity and our very own Ross the Boss!

Meanwhile, across the north and east of Ukraine, our multiple Emergency Rescue Teams in their new vans & busses evacuated DOZENS of vulnerable people out of areas experiencing or at immediate risk of experiencing intense warfare. 

Shout out to all our AMAZING team of #Heroes, who risk their lives day & night to save others. Greater love hath no person than to freely be willing to do this.

Every person, priceless. 

PLEASE consider joining our GO TEAM! Every day, it costs $1,200 for us to fuel and feed our Emergency Rescue Teams & Vehicles. That’s $100 per tank of gas, and modest food like fresh fruit and sandwiches — often purchased from grandmothers desperate for cash selling small meals on the side of the road. 

Would you consider teaming up with us for just one day, or fueling a vehicle for a month? Each $100 brings 9 - 25 (or more!) people to safety. 

$25 helps bring 9-25 women, children, elderly, & disabled out of harm’s way. 

$100 feeds & fuels a Rescue Vehicle on a one-way journey for a day, meeting the needs of 9 - 25 Ukrainian souls. 

$1,200 covers all the expenses of our entire fleet for a day, translating into over 100 people delivered to a safer, new life. 

$3,000 covers the fuel & food costs of one rescue vehicle for an entire month — that’s 300 - 600 people (or more) who experience the self-giving love of Jesus from our Rescue Teams in atmospheres permeated with peace and healing. 

$36,000 funds, fuels, & feeds our entire fleet of Rescue Vehicles and Emergency Rescue Teams for a full month. 

I’m humbled beyond words at your friendship and support. The war and violence aren’t slowing down — they’re only shifting locations, as are our teams. Chasing the darkness and bringing the light and love of God, redemption and rescue, everywhere we can.  

Thank you for your faithfulness!

- Gregg

To donate now by debit, credit, or bank transfer:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational 
Zelle: (704) 490-1096

April 1, 2022 

“They’re just fireworks. Dangerous fireworks. Don’t touch them.” This is what this mother told her daughter about the unexploded mortars lining their street as they fled to safety.

But there were casualties from their group. They’d stayed underground in a makeshift bomb shelter for two weeks in Ukraine’s eastern reach, their civilian neighborhood under nonstop attack from Russian rockets, their cellar shaking as apartment buildings collapsed on every side.

A young man who’d had enough, even while the air raid sirens were wailing, just “needed” a cigarette. He went up top for a smoke and was directly torn to bits by another rocket. The survivors finally made their way to another town, then Odessa, then the Ukraine’s border with Moldova, where our team of Heroes shuttled them to safe places to rest and process.

They freely shared their story, showed photos, and ever so graciously thanked us. They came with nothing but each other. We blessed them with a prayer and cash assistance, and entrusted them to the Father who’s brought them thus far already.

War is hell, they say. I hope we can be a little taste of heaven, of healing, of Jesus in modern clothes, as they leave this terrible war behind and start new lives.

Help keep our GO TEAMS going by donating any amount at #ukraine #survivors


March 31, 2022

SAFE! Straight from deepest #Ukraine, seven more precious souls are safe & sound here in #Moldova, thanks to a network of hard-working, brave helpers… 

Our very own Ross who picked them up & shuttled them to a very safe & cozy place to stay. 
Now, they begin their new life as they wait for the war to end, and for news on if their home survived the wanton acts of war. 

Meanwhile, dozens of others are safe TODAY as our other Emergency Rescue Vans & busses are on mission!

Please, pray for this family, and know I’m praying for you, and thanking God for your generosity & support — which made all of Heroes International’s victories today possible. 

Want to be a helper? We have vehicles running rescues & settlement across Ukraine, Moldova, & Romania RIGHT NOW… and they all need to be fueled & fed.

Would you consider joining our GO TEAM with a one-time or monthly gift? $100 fills a tank and means a few hundred miles with 9 to 25 people on board ferried to safety. 

Currently, on average, we are filling 12 tanks a day at an approximate cost of $1,200. 

Would you prayerfully consider donating now? It’s so worth it, and I’m so grateful — and so are they!

Any amount goes the distance, and it’s how any of us can fight the good fight in the midst of this awful war. 

Friendly reminder — I don’t take a salary from Heroes. Never have & never will. 100% of your giving goes DIRECTLY into the work of saving lives & ensuring our Ukrainian guests’ safety. 
Join our GO TEAM by making your best gift now at:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational 
Venmo: @HeroesInternational 
Zelle: (704) 490-1096


March 28, 2022


It’s her, her child, and now a dozen more just like them. Locked in a bomb shelter for weeks, behind enemy lines, or under intense shelling.

Waiting to be rescued.

They’re in immediate danger.

They called on us for help.

We can do it.

That’s what we, and our team of Heroes, specialize in.

Please make your best gift now — this current rescue is particularly risky and expensive. But they are TOTALLY worth it!


March 28, 2022


Critical aid needed now: We need to do THREE URGENT #RESCUES, BEHIND ENEMY LINES…

That’s not fog in the distance. It’s smoke and displaced dirt billowing arose the landscape.

Yet the worst European war since #WW2 rages on, even with Ukrainian advances in some areas. Every day #Russian forces commit mass murder, on purpose, killing thousands of innocent civilians in an effort to eliminate the Ukrainian people and restore the former reach and “glory” of the #USSR. (I’m on the ground — any narrative different than this is ill-informed… or worse.)

Now, I’m stopped along the road to coordinate three urgent rescues, all single mothers with children, out of #Ukraine in areas that are either behind enemy lines or in residential neighborhoods currently under intense shelling.

The messages just arrived, and they are desperate and time-critical.

Four mothers, a total of seven children, ranging from 3 months old to 7 years old, and a small litter of #pug #puppies (yes — we’re pet friendly), desperately need extracted.

Two families have been underground in a bomb shelter for two weeks. They’re out of food and nearly out of clean water. I want to get them. We need to get them.

Another two families just fled with infants in arms and dogs in tow to a safe house in an area that Russian troops, mostly drunk or high or both, are executing every man, woman, & child they find, as well as raping the women and some children before their execution. They’re burning farms along their march, looting everything they can, and senselessly slaughtering farm animals & pets for sport.

We need to get these families out, all of them, now. They’re in southeast Ukraine, near the sea.
I have two teams standing by. It’s risky and it’s “expensive” (compared to our other rescues), because this work requires specialists. Then again, what is the value of a life?

The cost of extraction is for all involved is $7,000 USD. Can we raise this today? Every single penny counts.

Our normal teams would go, but I’ve asked them not to. In these areas, vehicles marked as humanitarian or said to be carrying children are specifically targeted. Because they’re unarmed. Because the Russians are drunk on blood and cheap vodka and hate themselves for being pawns in a war they mostly don’t understand and don’t want. So they either surrender — or give themselves over to the spirit of murder and death.

Let’s do this so we can give the green light to our Specialist Rescue Team.

Already thousands of precious people extracted and delivered to safety through Heroes International. Let’s add a few more very special people & pups to that list today!
To give by debit, credit, or bank transfer:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Zelle: 704-490-1096
Checks may be sent to:
Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701


March 26, 2022


These families can breathe a little easier & eat a lot better BECAUSE OF YOU! Finances are tight normally for many of those in the east of #Ukraine, and the war is making it VERY tough just to get by.

Our team of Heroes in Krivoy Rog, led by my good friend Alex, are distributing food supplies, delivering people trapped in battle zones to safety, & sharing God’s love in other practical ways along the way.

Thank you for your support — together, we’re making such a HUGE difference in SO MANY LIVES.
Want to get in on the action? You can help from wherever you are right now!

How? In less than two minutes from your computer or mobile device, right where you are, you can help save lives. Yes!

Would you join our Emergency Rescue GO TEAM? Donations of every size feed & fuel these urgent missions.

$100 fills the gas tank of an Emergency Rescue Van, getting 9 - 15 people to safety. ($150 fills a Rescue Bus — getting 20 - 25 people out of harm’s way!)

$20 provides a WONDERFUL box of food supplies to a vulnerable family of four.

And, if you or your organization, business, or church dare…

$12,500 buys another Emergency Evacuation & Rescue Van seating 9 - 15 people. Once purchased, I can testify with my own eyes they IMMEDIATELY get put to use.

$20,000 more than doubles that capacity with an Emergency Evacuation & Rescue MINIBUS, able to take 20 - 25 people to safety at least once a day.

I’d like to get five more vans or two more minibuses by Wednesday next week.

TIME is of the essence, and THANK YOU for your generosity!

CashApp: $HeroesInternational


March 25, 2022

SAFE! Elena, 19, completed her treacherous journey across #Ukraine, alone with her 4 month old daughter, and today is #safe in the arms of our friend & partner @dardraper in #Bucharest.

I got the call two days ago, and went to work. Our #HeroesInternational team had the distinct honor of facilitating the several hundred kilometer-long #evacuation trip across two nations to her new home.

THANK YOU for giving us the tools to have a TEAM, TECHNOLOGY, & TRANSPORTATION to make these scenes happen dozens of times over every single day. 

We’re in this together! You’re my heroes, and you’re ELENA’S heroes, too!

To support via debit or credit card, please visit our website, or donate instantly via the apps below:
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Checks may be mailed to:
Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701


March 24, 2022


Hey Everybody! I’m in a dude’s hotel room, but it’s not a dude —- it’s KARL! Check out what we’re doing on the anti-trafficking front in this race against time to rescue women & children from the ravages of the Russia’s murderous frenzy - 



March 23, 2022

They were hungry and you fed them. They were under attack and you evacuated them. They were lonely and terrified, and you comforted them.

This video is just a few days in the life of Alex Z., my dear friend in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine — a city in the east.

It’s an honor to add Alex as a teammate in the Heroes International Relief & Rescue Family.

Please welcome hello to Alex!

Friends, your support is making a HUGE difference in Ukraine and beyond!!!


March 22, 2022



PLUS — we’re increasing their rescue capacity by sponsoring a 20+ passenger BUS TODAY, and ANOTHER 20+ passenger BUS by the end of the week.

All because of the faithful prayer & financial support of people, businesses, & churches like YOU!
These wild men are already traversing the length and breadth of Ukraine, putting their lives on the line to rescue women & children from Russia’s murderous campaign of terror.

Please watch, and celebrate with us!

And consider joining our GO TEAM! How can you make a difference from home? WATCH TO FIND OUT!


March 22, 2022

Another Emergency Relief & Rescue Van delivered to #Ukraine! 

Here’s “D” for Dima — a dear friend from Kiev who’s been rescuing women & children out of Ukraine’s hardest hit zones since the beginning of the war. 

I had the honor of ministering with Dima just over a year ago in Donetsk before the big war broke out. He’s a wild man of God, and I respect him greatly!

Every day he puts his life on the line to save lives — hundreds of people rescued already. 
It was an absolute honor to journey into Ukraine yesterday to give him this vehicle. 

And you know what? We have TWO BUSSES 🚌(the equivalent of FOUR MORE vans) headed his way now, too! He has the drivers, just as brave as he is, standing by to start making the rescued Day One. 

Friends, because of your generous giving and faithful partnership, @heroesinternational is making is difference! 

Want to get involved? Write me or check out our site. Link in bio. 

Stay tuned for an in-person testimony Dima gave about the situation on the ground in Ukraine today.


March 21 2022 Vadul lui Vodă

SAFE! This precious young lady — and her entire eligible family — from #Ukraine TODAY is in a SAFE PLACE after evacuating from the besieged city of Mikolayiv. So proud of Heroes International coordinators Ross & Natasha for organizing this beautiful and victorious day.

To support our effort:


March 20, 2022 Iasi, Romania 

UPDATE: It was supposed to be a day off from War Relief efforts & a simple Heroes team pick up at the airport in Romania… BUT it turned into something much better…

Funny how interruptions can be opportunities for the most wonderful parts of our days (and lives).

Every person, priceless.

March 19, 2022 Palanca, Ștefan VodΔƒ, Moldova

Testimony of War: 

Our Rescue Team brought this brave woman, Olga from Mikolayiv, after she watched Russian warplanes destroy the apartment building across from hers.

She fled for her life, and entrusted us to bring her to family in Moldova.

What an honor to serve such precious people on the worst day of their lives. My prayer is that we bring a powerful touch of peace, comfort, hope, and tangible love in Jesus Name during our brief times together.

To support our effort:


March 18, 2022

I was unusually candid about the #Ukraine war…on the Open Podcast with host Anne Ian Borkent. Link to video/audio version here:

Here’s a snippet from my comments:
“It will never be enough for the new red army, until they’re stopped. It’s either guns now or our sons later.”
The next OPEN podcast comes from Ukraine. Sit down, listen and take notes as missionary Gregg Montella (Heroes International) shares his direct insights about the Russia-Ukraine war.
“When is enough enough for the world to say, we got to step in and risk our own sons in this fight? This is ten times worse than the Cold War ever was. These are Stalinist style developments, this is serious. If this is not stopped in Ukraine, these are the first shots of WWIII.” (recorded March 7th)
What can we learn from the Bible about this situation? How can faith, hope and love be applied here? Listen or watch now, episode 10 :


March 18, 2022


They’re jars full of fresh meat — Our Heroes  Emergency Relief & Rescue Workers IN UKRAINE distribute these to a growing network of cooks, normal civilians, who live along the frontlines of battle. These civilian chefs prepare stew, along with potatoes, pasta, and all the tasty fillings, for hungry people, some beginning to starve.

These are quality calories with protein — much needed for women & children (who can) to evacuate & absolutely necessary for those who remain to defend the innocents. 

Your donations to Heroes International go 100% to URGENT, emergency relief efforts, including this one. 

Your giving keeps people alive through food, emergency health care, evacuation to safety efforts, and providing safe places, counselors, & always loving helpers along the way. 

Remember — to us, every soul is a VIP whether refugee or brave one staying behind.

Would you consider joining the Heroes War Relief Effort today? To feed and fuel our precious friends in the greatest and most urgent cause I believe in our lifetimes…
Here’s one of many ways to help:
$25 feeds a family of 8 for a day
$100 feeds & shelters a family of 8 for the entirety of their journey out of Ukraine 
$300 pays for gas to get a family of 8 (or two families of 4) all the way from eastern Ukraine safely into Poland or Moldova. 
$400 covers all direct costs associated with bringing at least 8 precious Ukrainians — innocent civilians, the elderly, women, & children — to safety from anywhere in Ukraine. 
Thank you for partnering with me, with us! We are in this together! 
By debit/credit card, or info on bank transfers:
PAYPAY: greggmontella@mac.con
VENMO: @HeroesInternational
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational


 March 16, 2022

To me, and to all our team, every guest is a VIP refugee, and are treated like family. Thank God He’s entrusted us with this honor.
SAFE! Look at their faces. Happening now — vanful after vanful of our Ukrainian guests are delivered to safe & loving homes on their way to wherever their final destination is. Some don’t have a final destination in mind, yet, but we know the One who knows. It’s our pleasure to help them get there, and know Whose hands are guiding them. #ukraine #heroesinternational #moldova #refugees


March 15, 2022 Palanca, Ștefan VodΔƒ, Moldova. 

Tonight, at the Ukraine-Moldova border, my FINGERS & TOESIES ALMOST FROZED OFF!
Time to save some lives. Help me!

HAPPENING NOW: Standing in the bitter cold, I suffered only a fraction what millions of our Ukrainian friends are experiencing here & now. SO I HAD AN IDEA!….

“FIGHT THE BITE” with me! 

We’re out to save the fingers & toes of Ukrainian women & children as they wait hours in the freezing cold to take refuge in Moldova. 

$27 buys a pair of gloves, insulated socks, heat-retaining hat or cap, and an insulating space blanket. 

Our Emergency Relief & Rescue Teams on the Ukrainian side of the border will deliver each kit quickly and without charge to our freezing friends as they leave the war (and often their husbands) behind. 

Already, hundreds have suffered frostbite. What a difference $27 can make! 

Russia’s genocide against the people of  Ukraine rages on…millions of refugees are at risk of frostbite or worse in these bitter cold temperatures. 

We’re teaming up with Dawn Sweigart & the watchman's call to provide THOUSANDS of BUNDLES — gloves, socks, caps, & warm blankets — for just $27 each. 

Would you please consider sponsoring one, two, ten, or 100 for our freezing friends right now? 

I’d be most grateful, and SO WILL THEY!!! 

$27 = one bundle for a Ukrainian mother or child in need (gloves, insulated socks, warm cap, and heat-retaining space blanket) 
$270 = TEN bundles! Warm hearts, limbs, and bodies of a Ukrainian family who fled together, plus a few more! 
$2,700 = ONE HUNDRED bundles! Be a hero’s hero by warming the masses and making their great escape far safer and more comfortable. 
$27,000 = ONE frigging THOUSAND BUNDLES! Fight the Bite like a beast, like a warrior, by rescuing a legion of Ukrainians from this bitter cold. 

To give safely, securely, & quickly now:

CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational
VENMO: @HeroesInternational
Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701


March 14, 2022 Update

MEET OUR HEROES: Introducing Dave!
He flew ALL THE WAY from New Hampshire, USA, understanding risks and dangers, to team up with Heroes International… and he’s doing an OUTSTANDING JOB serving… SAY HI TO DAVE!
Here’s what Dave says:
Many of you don't know. I couldn't just sit at home and watch the news about Ukraine and do nothing. I knew I had a friend Gregg Montella in Moldova (on the westwrn border of Ukraine). I contacted him and made arrangements for me to be there in 4 days. Now, I have been in Moldova helping with rescuing Ukrainians. Last night, I drove a van to the Ukrainian border to pick up refugees…
Since being here, Dave’s been a driver, a logistics manager, a first responder, a friend and companion to our guests (we don’t call them refugees often) — and even NOW he is on the Ukrainian border distributing warm food to vulnerable families and bringing another load of 12 or so guests to safety in Moldova.
THANK YOU DAVE for serving our precious friends and living the adventure with us!
If YOU would like to inquire about how to get involved, please message me here.
If you’d like to fuel these nonstop outreaches here in Moldova or in Ukraine, bringing the love and hope of Jesus Christ to vulnerable women and children, please donate your best gift here:
Or here:
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational
VENMO: @HeroesInternational


March 13, 2022 Π‘Π»ΠΎΠ²ΠΎ Π’Π΅Ρ€Ρ‹. КишинСв.

Happy Sunday! I’m thanking God for YOU today!!!… Our base infrastructure is established. Incredible, hardworking teams & a few Emergency Rescue Vans in Ukraine AND Moldova.
Thousands of women & children ALREADY rescued… DOZENS being delivered RIGHT NOW out of harms way in Ukraine.
NOW we really get busy … and stop rampant trafficking happening under our noses.
I WISH my job wasn’t needed, but it is. THANK YOU for joining me.
To give safely, securely, & quickly now:
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational
VENMO: @HeroesInternational
Heroes International
7017 Selby Road
Athens, OH 45701

Π‘Π»ΠΎΠ²ΠΎ Π’Π΅Ρ€Ρ‹. КишинСв.

March 12, 2022 Ambasada Ucrainei în Republica Moldova/ΠŸΠΎΡΠΎΠ»ΡŒΡΡ‚Π²ΠΎ Π£ΠΊΡ€Π°Ρ—Π½ΠΈ Π² ΠœΠΎΠ»Π΄ΠΎΠ²Ρ–.

Every single waking moment, our team and I are identifying, rescuing, delivering, & placing vulnerable Ukrainian women & children in guaranteed safe homes. Thank you for joining us in one of the greatest causes of our generation.
This is how Heroes International fights in the Great War of 2022 — with love, healing, hope, with SAVING lives instead of taking them. It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ in action.


URGENT UPDATE 10 MARCH, 2022. Ukraine-Moldova Border. 

We have Heroes aid workers now across Ukraine, ministering the love of Jesus by delivering lifesaving supplies AND driving refugees into Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, & beyond.
We’re building a FLEET of Emergency Relief & Rescue Vans… to bring the most vulnerable Ukrainian women, children, & elderly to safety.  WE NEED SEVEN MORE, IMMEDIATELY!

Our International Relief & Rescue Teams pack each van full of food and medical supplies, and return filled with precious people who’ve been through war.

Because of YOUR GENEROSITY, we’ve purchased one Emergency Rescue Van that’s in CONSTANT USE, and now are buying 2 more today.  WE NEED SEVEN MORE right away.  

 Day and night, our Relief & Rescue Teams are placing refugees in safe houses, centers, and even permanent housing in Romania and beyond. 

This is war. And we are love, the hands and feet of Jesus, the best of humanity when the worst comes against us.

I’m so grateful for your generosity, and I’m humbled beyond words. Thank you for teaming up with me, thank you for believing in me, thank you for resisting Evil with the love of God through the amazing team at Heroes International.

Please give your best gift now to save lives.  Every single penny makes a difference!

$10,000 puts an Emergency Rescue Van on the road. They carry 15-50 civilians to safety every single day!

$5,000 purchases half of an Emergency Rescue Van and moves us at warp speed towards rescuing more people. 

$1,800 funds & fuels a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker for 3 months 

$600 gives wings to a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker for one month. The amount of good a local helper can do on the field is FAR MORE than even I could by myself!

$125 releases a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker to do 7 days of crazy good here in Moldova or Ukraine — or both!

$100 fills the tank of an Emergency Rescue Van, sending it hundreds of miles with VERY precious cargo — women & children delivered out of war zones, and medical and food supplies pouring in for those who can’t leave. 

$25 Funds a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker to operate in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦, Moldova πŸ‡²πŸ‡©, or both, for a full and productive day. In one day, one person can bring 12 - 50 people to safety. Money well spent!

$5 is a powerful seed sharing God’s love in practical ways with Ukrainians in desperate need of help. 

March 9, 2022

MORE GOOD NEWS! Wednesday, March 9, 2022.
Our FIRST International Relief & Rescue Van is PURCHASED and already BRINGING UKRAINIAN WOMEN & CHILDREN TO SAFETY!
Here’s our Moldova Coordinator Ross Belibov with a WONDERFUL update… THANKS TO YOU!

March 9, 2022

GOOD NEWS FROM THE FRONT:  Introducing Arthur & Julia! Our newest Heroes International Relief & Rescue Team.  They are in Western Ukraine and have spent almost every day since the war started delivering women & children to safety from Ukraine into Slovakia and Hungary.  

On the way out, they transport people, sharing the love of Jesus along the way. On the way back, they fill the van with food and emergency supplies for those staying behind. 

When I met them, they were doing this from their own money — giving literally EVERYTHING to do the right thing. We’re helping them continue it without worry… They were heroes then and they’re Heroes now!

Know who else are heroes? YOU! Your generous support is saving hundreds of lives  as Russia continues to indiscriminately level civilian neighborhoods with aircraft & heavy artillery. 
Yesterday, a nurse told us she was brought bags of body parts from women & children and told to try to put them back together. For the sake of parents, she pretended so they knew at least she tried. 

2 million Ukrainian women & children have fled. Lines out of Ukraine are up to 8 miles long. Trains to safe zones are packed to dangerous levels, people crushed, families separated, people trying to escape.

When you give to Heroes International, 100% of your donations go to fund & fuel our Emergency Rescue Teams. People like Arthur & Juliya. 

We want to fill up another van, with gas and people out and then with food and medical supplies on the way back — and we’re paying Arthur & Julia’s bills so they can focus on this work for the remainder of the crisis. 

As the enemy brings war, theyre bringing peace, comfort, hope, love, food, medicine, safety, and peace of mind. Priceless! 

Please — team up with Arthur & Julia right now by sending your best gift! 

$10,000 buys another GREAT CONDITION Emergency Rescue Van so our growing team INSIDE west Ukraine DOUBLES the amount of people they can save

$5,000 puts you in at halfsies on a new lifesaving Rescue Van, so we can double our rescues in western Ukraine. 

$1,000 fills the Emergency Rescue Van with fuel, food, and specific medical supplies and gives them wings for 2 days. It also rescues a minimum of 12 Ukrainian women & children — up to 50 of them on a great day.  That’s $20 per person rescued — I’d say that’s a deal! We need as many of these gifts as possible.

$500 Gets our Emergency Rescue Team and either a load of Ukrainian women & children to safety out of Ukraine OR it brings a van FULL of lifesaving supplies back into Ukraine. Can you help?

$125 pays the salary & expenses of one member of our International Relief & Rescue Team for a week. It’s hazard pay, and for here, it’s darn good money — money I’d say for us is very well spent!

$25 fuels one Rescuer for a day. That’s all it takes to make a difference! 


Yes, the war in Europe rages on, and with it atrocities & suffering unimaginable just 2 weeks ago. 

Our job is to be love & bring peace in a time of war. Hope, stability, grace, listening ears and long hugs, in Jesus’ Name. 

Miracles are happening. Our Emergency Rescue Teams have placed hundreds of women & children in safe homes with warm showers and hot meals. 

My friends in Ukraine are now entrusting us to care for their women & children here in Moldova. 

(See story documenting today’s special mission to be posted momentarily.)

We’re raising money for Relief & Rescue vans (just $10k each, and each delivering an average of 40 - 50 vulnerable Ukrainians to safety every day)… including one for an incredibly brave soul, “D”, in Kiev, to shuttle women & children out of harm’s way. 

We have new staff. We have new partnerships. 

Best of all, we have NEW FRIENDS from Ukraine that are protected and safe, experiencing God’s love in the time of war. 

We’ve served thousands. Help us get these Rescue Vans, help us hire more staff, and by God’s grace we’ll be rescuing, placing, planting, and be important parts of saving tens of thousands of precious Ukrainian people.

$10,000 puts an Emergency Rescue Van on the road!
$5,000 covers the remaining cost of our first vehicle and gives it wings to serve & save 
$100 funds & fuels an Emergency Rescue Vehicle for a day
$600 pays the entire salary of a full-time Heroes International Relief & Rescue staff member for ONE MONTH. Amazing!
$25 covers warm dinner for a refugee mother and up to two young children on their way to a refugee center. 

To make your best donation, for which IM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL & HUMBLED…

Gregory James Montella
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
VENMO: @HeroesInternational 
        (Code 1844 if asked)


UPDATE: SUNDAY 6 MARCH 2022. Chisinau, Moldova

Some GREAT NEWS…. More rescues, more souls delivered to safety — BECAUSE OF YOUR GENEROUS GIVING! 

Now something historic is happening — an opportinity to rescue thousands more of the 2 million+ Ukrainians fleeing the horrors of war — even out of Kyiv itself. 

Highlights of past 24 hours: 

  • 140 churches in Romania wanting to partner in driving and housing refugees. An entire ministry focused on helping Ukrainians learn to live in Moldova. 
  • We’ve established a Great Straight Line — drivers to deliver women & children from Kiev to Chisinau, then Bucharest and beyond. 
  • Our new Emergency Relief & Rescue Team coordinator, Ross, and several other drivers are going around the clock.
  • EXTRAORDINARY opportunity to rescue people out of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city that is now under siege (please see post with “D” below to make it happen)
  • PERSONAL VICTORY… last night I had 5 hours of sleep, the most since the war started. I feel good, and hopeful, as our core team of Heroes grows THANKS TO YOU! 

Please, if you can, send your best gift so we can see MIRACLES happen for the Ukrainian people!


Gregory James Montella
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
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ZELLE: 1-770-778-1844 (Gregory Montella)


March 5, 2022


Kyiv is getting worse as you've seen on the news. They are closing in. Subway systems are overcrowded but we can help get people out with your help. 

My dear friend “D” is IN KYIV, Ukraine’s capital city which is under fierce attack. HE NEEDS A VAN RIGHT NOW to evacuate women & children. He has been helping us get people out and we need to help ramp up this effort - fast. "

“D” is a wild man in the Spirit, a prophetic prayer and pastor, single, who was born for such a time as this. 

He’s been coordinating rescues over the phone and NEEDS to get behind the wheel himself. Now. 

I’d trust him with my life!

Tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in underground subway systems. Many elderly people, many pregnant ladies, many mothers with multiple young children. 

Russians continue indiscriminate bombing of entire cities, and hit squads in plain clothes are going door to door, raping women (even the elderly) & executing entire families. 

Civilians need OUT of Kyiv, Ukraine, and we will give them wings out TODAY, IF you’ll JOIN ME IN RISING TO THE OCCASION. 

$10,000 USD will translate into up to 100 people shuttled out of Kyiv to either trains or other rescue vehicles EVERY DAY. 

BEST DEAL EVER. Totally worth it! 

Let’s do this. 

Gregory James Montella
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
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March 5, 2022 4:01pm


Some faces of our very special guests escaped this week from Ukraine. They’re safe now, finally. 

Our Emergency Rescue Teams are bringing them in around the clock. 

These are just a few of the Ukrainian women & children we’ve extracted and placed. 

They are amazing, brave, & facing a very uncertain future. They come having sacrificed more than we could ever know for their families and their children’s freedom. 

It’s our pleasure to be love and peace to them in the time of war, in Jesus’ Name. 

Smooth rides, warm showers, hot meals, listening ears, and friendly faces. 

We now have drivers, counselors, & coordinators bringing our friends from Ukraine into Slovakia, Hungary, & Moldova — 

— and from Moldova to safe houses in Romania and beyond. 

Every person, priceless. 

Please, donate now at 
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
VENMO: @HeroesInternational 
        (Code 1844 if asked)
ZELLE: 1-770-778-1844 (Gregory Montella)

March 5, 2022 5:55am



***Personal Update. State of the War. Appeal to Pastors. Imminent Threat to Moldova. Heroes Expands Staff and Rescues Hundreds Already***

RIGHT NOW, as I’m writing, I have 3 Ukrainians in my car, shuttling them to Romania. We have 3 Rescue Workers in Ukraine, carrying a total of 17 people out of harm’s way, and 22 Ukrainian women & children in our Moldovan fleet on their way to emergency housing with warm showers and hot food. 

Our ESSENTIAL VOLUNTEERS are going back to their places of work, to earn paychecks to EAT & PAY RENT… they WANT to WORK WITH US, and I NEED THEM. 

We already have hired several full time. 

They’re on the phones and in the rescue vans 18-20 hours a day. We are making a difference! 

Rescuing, loving, listening, slipping cash to those who fled with none, praying, feeding, housing…. 

This is how we fight. 

We are at war. But we do not war. 

Our job is to BE LOVE IN A TIME OF WAR. 

To be peace, to bring hope, to evacuate, shuttle, counsel, and deliver Ukrainian women & children to safety. 

Heroes International has now established a pipeline from deep inside Ukraine, into Moldova, and out throughout Romania. A network of drivers & hosts forming a new “Ukrainian Railroad”. 
ALREADY,  we’ve rescued hundreds of people. Let’s make it thousands! 


So, PLEASE, sponsor one, two, or all 15 new hires. 

Talk to your pastors today, please, and ask if they can help bring peace to the hearts of the innocent victims of war… by simply sharing our story and receiving a special offering tomorrow. 

***Each Rescue Worker can shuttle 5 - 15 people to safety per day.***

***Those in our Comm Dept are directly responsible for arranging rescues for HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE PER DAY***

Here’s what your BEST GIFTS WILL DO:

$125 hires one Rescue Worker for a week
$600 hires one Rescue Worker for a month
$9000 funds & fuels all 15 Rescue Workers for a month
$27,000 gives us wings to fly for three months, focusing on rescues around the clock. 
πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌI need you and I thank you!!!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
Please watch vid to catch up. 

🚨Donate now here:

Debit/Credit Card & Bank Transfer: 
CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
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ZELLE: 1-770-778-1844 (Gregory Montella)
BY CHECK: Heroes International 
  7017 Selby Road
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March 4, 2022 7:45am


Rescued by the skin of their teeth..

After the bombardment of Odessa, trains to freedom were packed to near levels of suffocation. They waited & prayed. 

Yesterday, they hitched a ride to near the border, walked 9 miles in the freezing cold during the night into Moldova, in wet snow, carrying the only earthly belongings they have now.  

A volunteer and our Heroes International War Relief & Rescue Team ferried them to safety, fed them a hot meal at Andy's, & delivered them to our partner safe house in Vatici!

We thanked them for allowing us to be part of their story, and prayed earnestly together.  

Pray for their future… just one of millions Ukrainian families now starting over.  

Send a note to let them know they’re precious and loved!

We need your help! I want to bring every volunteer driver, rescuer, counselor, and coordinator we have on staff immediately to continue saving lives, without the encumbrance of a job that’s unnecessary in wartime. Here, they’ll do the most good. 

$125 one rescue worker for one week
$600 empowers one rescue worker for an entire month 
$1,800 empowers a full time rescue worker for three months 

CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
VENMO: @HeroesInternational 
        (Code 1844 if asked)
ZELLE: 1-770-778-1844 (Gregory Montella)
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UPDATE: 3 MARCH 2022. 15:07 Chisinau, Moldova.

Update: One week of war just miles away. We’ve organized, streamlined. Now we are GROWING, not going away. FULL TIME HEROES STAFF now in Ukraine and Moldova — all working around the clock. 

They are our Emergency War Relief & Rescue Teams… Intros to come shortly. 

Stories of MIRACLES in Ukraine and at the border pouring in. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS as we attempt to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground here. 

THANK YOU for your generosity — and please, keep those donations coming in. Every dollar is used for saving Ukrainians’ lives.

NOTE: We NEED A VAN! I have a team of drivers to rotate driving around the clock. 60 or so souls will be rescued per day from that vehicle. $10,000 buys it NOW. I need it. Will get pics up of it this evening. 16 years old, kept in excellent condition, runs great, WILL DO THE JOB WELL! 
EMERGENCY WAR RELIEF & RESCUE TEAMS are being funded & sent TODAY because of your generosity. 

CASHAPP: $HeroesInternational 
VENMO: @HeroesInternational 
        (Code 1844 if asked)
ZELLE: 1-770-778-1844 (Gregory Montella)

March 3, 2022 5:37 am


He’s an amazing guy — within seconds of shaking hands last night, he and his wife got back to work arranging rides & safe places to stay for dozens, soon hundreds, of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the horrors of what is now appearing to be genocide just across the border.

Please welcome Ross, and partner with us in supporting him and praying for him.


Here’s a note from Ross:

“At the border waiting for a party of 12 Ukrainian people, including an 80 year-old lady, who must walk about a mile, with what they were able to carry of all their worldly possessions, from the Ukrainian to Moldova border. Just about another hour or so, and they’ll be safe and cared for.”

To support Ross and help us hire more Rescuers, inside and outside Ukraine, donate now:
(Debit/Credit Card, bank transfer)
CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational (1844 for confirmation phone code)
Zelle: Gregory Montella,

March 2, 2022 10:00am

Update: Even in a time of war, we don’t abandon our families. The precious seniors of this village are family! 

Now, how cool is this — two of our Heroes International team today are Ukrainian ladies from Odessa that we delivered to safety….

…They are ministers in Ukraine and we invited them to take lead on the village outreach today — and boy did they serve with passion and fire! 

One thing our team had never done before was pray the Lord’s Prayer after visiting a home. 

They did it everywhere and EVERYONE loved it! Even our Romanian speakers somehow knew it in Russian, and they whispered this prayer with tears in their eyes. 

We are keeping our promises here, reminding our adopted grandparents they’re never alone and always loved! 
Eugenia, who is in her late 80s told me that if the Russians take Moldova, it will be the second time in her life she saw the Red Army destroying everything she loves.  

Pray for Ukrainian victory, pray for peace. Pray for our volunteers – – that we can bring them on as full-time staff. 

Pray for peace in the hearts of the elderly who are nearly paralyzed with fear… Because they remember what the Russians did last time they came… Believe it or not, the Russians were more brutal than the Germans. 


March 2, 2022 1:26am

UPDATE: I saw TWO very disturbing things today regarding the safety of Moldova, meanwhile Russians are basically carpet bombing my friends all across Ukraine.

But HERE is when God’s called me to serve. HERE is where my heart comes alive. HERE is where we’re seeing God save & touch countless lives.

With my growing & dedicated team, through your donations ((give your best gift here))  we’re becoming increasingly wildly effective at giving peace, hope, love AND lifesaving relief all in Jesus’ Name to thousands of Ukrainians fleeing war and coming here.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. I don’t believe this anymore — over the past week, they’re the richest in generosity I’ve ever seen. They know if Ukraine falls what is coming.

Support our team on this frigid, snowy March 1 by sending prayers and, if possible, your best gift to

Thank you for being my friends and our heroes!


PS… in case you didn’t think it through all the way yet, this full scale, monstrous invasion was planned for decades. Decades. Putin is sitting on CASH MONEY reserves into the hundred of billions of dollars. Sanctions hurt his people, but not him. He knew these times would come. Now the fate of the free world hangs in the balance of the whims of one very sad old man who is simply living out what he was trained to do — crush people and take land.

Not just the restoration of the Soviet Empire. The expansion of it, and the humiliation of the EU & NATO.

You’d do well to allow your mind to accept the probable ambitions of Putin are now a very tangible, probable reality.

Moldova exists because Ukraine resists.

Europe exists because Ukraine resists.


March 1, 2022 6:37am


MOLDOVA/UKRAINE BORDER   DAY 6πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦Almost a week since the outbreak of the most brutal, unimaginable war in Europe since WW2. 

I NEED YOUR HELP NOW. Fifteen amazing Moldovans stepped forward on Day One to become our Emergency Rescue Team. They’re saving lives & have brought HUNDREDS of people to safety. 

I NEED THEM ON STAFF NOW! They’ve working their fingers to the bone, 20 hour days. TO SAVE LIVES, I NEED TO HIRE THEM NOW. All fifteen are AMAZING! 

They all have “normal jobs” they’re missing to VOLUNTEER 20 hour days in our urgent work. But they can’t afford to miss another paycheck. 

All 15 are willing to quit TODAY if we can cover their expenses AND WORK FULL TIME WITH US. I need them! 

Tens of thousands of women & children freezing, hurting, terrified, stuck at the border — WE NEED OUR RESCUE TEAMS FINANCED FULLY, so they’re free to KEEP GOING. 

HELP ME put them on staff for three months. 


Currently, their wages are $350 - $400 per month. I want to bring them on at $600 per month. Why? Around the clock in emotionally taxing & very hazardous environments. 


That equals 30 - 120 rescues per week per person, which mean, at this salary, it costs about $2 in manpower to save a life. It’s a heckuva deal for everyone. 

 Would YOU, YOUR CHURCH, YOUR BUSINESS consider giving your BEST GIFT right now? I personally make sure every dollar goes exactly where promised. I’ve been working here for 20 years — we must seize this opportunity while it’s exists!


  • $125 secures ONE full-time Emergency Rescue Worker for one week
  • $600 secures ONE full-time Emergency Rescue Worker to extract and deliver Ukrainian women & children to safety for one month
  • $1,800 secures ONE full-time Emergency Rescue Worker for the full three months
  • $9,000 secures ALL FIFTEEN Emergency Rescue Workers for THIS MONTH, allowing us to operate at full capacity, uninterrupted, in THIS MOST CRUCIAL TIME

$27,000 secures ALL FIFTEEN Emergency Rescue Workers for THREE MONTHS, to rescue and transition to grounding & establishing our new Ukrainian guests for as long as they need here in Moldova. 

Give your best gift today: Give here


UPDATE (Part One): 3:53 AM, 28 FEBRUARY 2022 

Update: A few words about psychological effects of the war next door & a huge thanks to everyone who donated over the past four days. THE NEEDS ARE IMMENSE! And your generosity is a MIRACLE in our precious Ukrainian friends’ lives.

Spent the day delivering women & children to safe houses, & crisscrossing this tiny nation to reunite families, to bring real relief, light, hope, & love in an age of devastating war.

If you haven’t yet, please consider donating your best gift to our Emergency Relief Fund at:

CashApp: $HeroesInternational
Venmo: @HeroesInternational (last 4 of phone is 1844)

Checks may be sent to:
Heroes International
7017 Selby Rd
Athens, OH 45701
Attn: Ukraine War Relief Fund



Update: Let’s bless the heck out of them! I’m inviting a church, churches, or individuals to step up and sponsor each of these five family members… MEET TATIANA & HER FOUR BOYS!

Tatiana and her husband are pastors of their vibrant church 20 miles outside of the port city of Odessa. Each of their children became proficient in instruments and help lead worship in the services. They’re actually pretty good!
On February 24, when the air and sea assault on Odessa began (just 65 linear miles from where I am now), they saw the strafing, heard the bombardment, and felt the explosions.

Praying hard, debating what would be the right thing to do, and not wanting to abandon those thing their church that aren’t physically capable of fleeing to a safer nation, they stayed until they saw tanks and armed ground soldiers moving in.

Her husband, their father, drove to the border of Moldova like a man on fire, eager to get them out of harm’s way… and with traffic at a standstill for more than 8 miles from the crossing, he drove into the oncoming traffic lane and delivered them safely just meters from the chaotic checkpoint.

Of course, this husband, their father, was not permitted to leave the country. He stays behind to defend his country and to pastor his flock.

Tearfully, agonizingly, they embraced, prayed, and whispered a barrage of, “See you laters.”

Tatiana and her four boys crossed into Moldova with just the clothes on their backs.

Our Heroes International team & friend Thomas Demaree met them tonight and had the privilege of driving them to the shelter we supplied with radiators & supplies last night.
They are amazing people!

I felt the Lord impress upon me to encourage them with these words, “You are NOT refugees. You are missionaries to Moldova. This shelter, holding 100 people, is your home and mission field. The surrounding areas are your mission field…”

Then I informed them that we’d be HONORED to take them to the mall on Monday and buy each of them a new wardrobe, as they only have the outfit they wore in. It’s also our honor to provide them each with a proper suitcase, SIM cards with data packages so they can stay in touch with their father, and if we get REALLY blessed, a couple acoustic guitars and a keyboard for them to lead services and prayer meetings in the chapel at the shelter.

Who’s with me? Who’d like to sponsor one, two, or all five of them? It’s estimated to cost approximately $200 per person to provide two full outfits, undergarments, shoes, toiletries, blankets, and short term phone contract.

What a deal! $200 restores dignity, and gives a mother or a child a shot at normalizing and getting used to their new surroundings.

I finished up with this, “The money we give you IS NOT CHARITY for victims. No! You’re missionaries and we’re sponsoring you on your new mission field.”

They cried with sincere tears of appreciation and personal awakening.

In times of crises, mindset is everything.

Let’s get them sponsored today!

Please DM me if you’ve sponsored one, two, three, four, or all five!

ARE YOU A REAL BIGSHOT? Send more than $1,000 and we’ll go ahead and rescue & clothe five more precious people escaping war by the skin of their teeth.

Coming soon: We’ll be delivering truckloads of supplies to those stuck in freezing weather at the border crossing with food, water, blankets, hygiene products, matches, snacks.
Then, for the return journey, we handpick the most desperate, vulnerable Ukrainian refugees and bring them to safety.

Can’t wait to show you that!

Great day today. Perfect day.

* Full disclosure: such a long a day, I’ve fallen asleep twice writing this update. For reals. Rolling over now to go to sleep!

CashApp $HeroesInternational
Venmo @HeroesInternational (last four of phone number is 1844 if asked!)


Update: 2/26/2022 7:30am Central Time

UPDATE: 1:30 AM First delivery of lifesaving heating supplies, plus nutritious food, hygiene products, books, and teddy bears for the mothers & children fleeing Ukraine with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

Their husbands stayed behind to defend their homeland.
I see so much fear. So much uncertainty. But I also see their eyes well with tears and hearts melt and they receive the love, comfort, and hope being poured out. That’s why we’re here.

My body and mind are tiring. Sleep is fitful and short. We know what’s coming, yet we don’t know what’s coming.
Yet our team is determined to give πŸ’―% to share God’s love in practical ways in this time of war.

Please consider helping. THANK YOU to everyone who’s given already!!! πŸ™πŸΌ
Safe, secure, and quickly accessible via:
CashApp $HeroesInternational
Venmo @HeroesInternational (last 4 of phone number is 1844)


Special Message from Gregg Montella 1:45 pm 2/25/2022

Tonight, we begin rescuing single mothers & their children who are seeking refuge from the atrocities of war. A war that is raging just an hour from here.

Right now, I’m buying supplies for three mothers & kids, for their first night in a warm shelter. Most fled in the dark of night with only the clothes on their backs.

It’s the little things. In addition to all toiletries, we’re providing special local chocolates for the moms, and Oreos, coloring books, crayons, and a very lovable stuffed animal for each child!
Now to meet our very welcome guests. Pray for us!

Want to sponsor a mother or child? Just $50 is enough to get them started for their first few nights in safety.

Heroes International & Project Go are teaming up again!
To donate securely now, please visit
Or give through
Cashapp $HeroesInternational
Venmo @HeroesInternational (last four of phone number is 1844, if asked)

Update 2/25/2022 6:3-0am Central Time US:

It’s hitting me today, the reality that my beloved Ukraine is under a 1941 scale attack, and without a 6 Day War type miracle, it will fall… and Moldova immediately after that. This will all be Russia’s Soviet Empire restored, Phase One. 

On the street and in the bank today, I’m witnessing grown men about their business, but standing still. Stopped dead in their tracks, weeping, speechless. EVERYTHING here is about to change, perhaps forever. 

Again, without a miracle of divine or Western intervention, I’m witnessing firsthand the last days of a free Ukraine and Moldova.

My friends are sleeping in bomb shelters, and others with no military experience have been given guns and told to fight. 

I’m on my way to the border tomorrow to help receive Ukrainian refugees. There are reports now of families being forcibly separated at the border by Ukrainian guards — women and children allowed to enter Moldova and men of age forced to return to Ukraine’s interior to fight. 

So I’m feeling it today. I never thought it would come to this. The stress is palpable in my body and I had my first good cry over it today. 

Still, in the midst of war, I’m determined to be different, to not respond with hate, but with hope and love. 

That’s MY mission here… to bring God’s love in the time of war. 

Today, as 15,000 refugees pour into Moldova fleeing the current invasion, countless  people are pouring out of Moldova into Romania…

(A Russian invasion here is now universally understood as inevitable.) 

…I’m heading to the border Ukrainian border to make a plan to rescue the most vulnerable and at-risk refugees — the elderly, single or expecting mothers, and children orphaned from war. 

The needs are great, but our God is greater. Where is God in this? I see Him pouring out His love through the helpers. Those bringing hope, giving hugs, bottles of water, warm meals, and blankets. 

I see God in this every time you express a prayer is prayed, every time a gift is given.  

We need money. Money to transport refugees to shelters. Money to provide meals and blankets. Money to ensure our team is safe and has reliable transportation on these important missions. 

Of course, we remember and stay faithful to our precious seniors in the villages. This work continues. 

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, protection, and abundant provision that we may be Love in the Time of War. 

Thank you and Shalom!

Gregg Montella

Venmo @HeroesInternational (last 4 of phone number is 1844 if they ask!)
CashApp $HeroesInternational


Update 2/24/2022 10:15am Central Time US:

"I’m organizing right now a team of volunteers to go unload tons of food and blankets to refugees pouring into Moldova from Ukraine. " - Gregg Montella, Moldova at the border.

Special Message from Gregg Montella 2:31am 2/24/2022

"I’m not going anywhere — this is where I’m called to be. Others are being paid to leave; I’m using my own money to stay. The needs are too great and we are making too big of a difference to leave now." - Gregg Montella, 2/24/22
It’s happening. I was wrong in my predictions about Putin’s invasion, and naively believed he would use restraint. Now, reports are coming in that Kiev and Dnipro — cities I was in LAST WEEK — are being bombed, and Odessa, just 90 minutes away, is reported to be under amphibious assault.
Just months ago, we were maneuvering through minefields, delivering food, and ministering to scores of youth in Ukraine’s east — areas now under fierce ground assault from Russian troops.
Ukraine’s been at constant war for 8 years, but now it’s become nationwide.
Please pray for my friends, many of whom are like family, in Ukraine. Pray for peace, for protection, and for a miraculous ending to these atrocities.
I’m not going anywhere — this is where I’m called to be. Others are being paid to leave; I’m using my own money to stay. The needs are too great and we are making too big of a difference to leave now.
I could use your help. There are more widows, and we expect a potential wave of refugees soon.
Giving all I have, all I can, for as long as I can, to share God’s love in practical ways right here!
Please, considering sharing your best gift now at
Venmo @HeroesInternational (last 4 of phone number is 1844 if they ask!)
CashApp $HeroesInternational

Special Message from Gregg Montella 2:30am 2/24/2022

"I’m not afraid, but I’m prepared and flexible. And determined to be faithful to those in our care. " - Gregg Montella, 2/24/222

I’m safe, about 40 miles outside of Ukraine, and 20 miles outside of Russian supplied & occupied Transnistria. 

Following events on the bombing & invasion next door VERY closely as we continue our service to widows & orphans here in Moldova. 

I’m not afraid, but I’m prepared and flexible. And determined to be faithful to those in our care. 

So many other American workers, even missionaries, have been paid to leave the country. It’s understandable — particularly for those who have families. 

Nobody is paying for me to stay — and indeed it’s my honor and pleasure to use my own resources to continue sharing God’s love here. 
THIS is where God is calling me to be. I’m not going anywhere. 

Here is where I feel absolute peace and joy… along with a realistic understanding of what’s at stake. 

The needs don’t subside under the specter of war. 

Quite the opposite.  

The most vulnerable are suffering on a massive scale.  

Hunger, sickness, despair, and fear continue to cause unimaginable suffering. 

But every day we are giving REAL relief and REAL hope, all in the name of Jesus. 

That means more mouths to feed, more emergency surgeries, and filling in the gaps left from those who’ve fled. 

I rarely ask for a sacrificial gift… but as bombs fall just two hours away, I’m asking if you’d make a one-time donation to our mission. 
Remember, it’s never the size of the gift… it’s the size of the sacrifice. 

By now you know I don’t take a salary from the nonprofit — I never have and never will. 

100% of donations go directly into the work on the ground, and they go exactly where you designate! 

Please head over to to give securely and easily.  Thank you for teaming up with me in the spreading good news and real relief in this time of war. 

Much love. 
You’re their heroes, and you’re mine, too!
- Gregg

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Update 2/23/2022 12:51am Central Time US: 

"Hey it was another day of craziness in Moldova yesterday...Now things have definitely taken a turn for the worse across the border in Ukraine. Moldova seems safe at the moment... Watching developments like a hawk!" - Gregg Montella, Moldova at the border. 


Among the highlights: 

Feb 23, 2022: Orhei District

Say hello to Ian! A gentle man who hadn’t eaten in four days when we met him today. I need $150 for him now, & THREE PEOPLE to sponsor him at just $30/month… this covers food πŸ₯˜ , firewood πŸͺ΅ , medical care πŸ‘¨‍βš•οΈ, and an annual birthday πŸ₯³ & Christmas gift 🎁. Let’s get it done!
We love Ian and want to care for him the rest of his life πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’―πŸ™πŸΌ

Feb 21, 2022 Moldova

Gregg was in Moldova visiting an elderly lady with a foot infection. 
Gregg and Heroes International is teaming up with JM Demaree Foundation to get this woman's food treated. 

"She lives alone in a one room house, and still has to walk outside, regardless of the weather, to use a rickety outhouse. Because of bribery, incompetence, corruption, a general disdain for the lives of the elderly, and where she lives — VERY far from the capital city Chisinau — we’re not keen to trust the local “healthcare system. " - Gregg Montella, Feb 2022, Moldova

Feb 19, 2022 Caplani, Tighina, Moldova

Gregg Montella was in Moldova that day visting Simeon, an 84 year old blind man.  

"Sometimes God’s love looks like a hot bowl of soup and a conversation… especially now, when it’s just 700 meters from the Ukrainian border. Say hello to Simeon, 84, blind, and fully appreciative of my friend Thom Demaree & JM Demaree Foundation’s daily lifesaving deliveries. When we approached, Simeon was ever so gingerly and stubbornly attempting to split his own firewood (blind) with an axe. Thank you, Thom, for introducing me to your precious widow & widower friends in remote Moldova today. Who thinks we should do something amazing for Simeon and his aging neighbors? " - Gregg Montella, Feb 2022, Caplani, Tighina, Moldova


Feb 12, 2022 Kyiv, Ukraine: 

Gregg Montella was in the Ukraine that day, with friends who are now serving and leading the Salvation Army in the Ukraine. 

"I’m with my dear Moldovan friends now serving and leading the #SalvationArmy here in #Ukraine. We had a wonderful, full day together. Food, laughs, wisdom sharing, all sooo good. This family is simply wonderful! They love Jesus and love people. So kind, hospitable, and fun! Cristina, Galina, and Slava. Soon, the plans for collaboration — and action together - in this beautiful nation will begin. I’m called to be here, to do this work, to serve precious people with precious people, for such a time as this." - Gregg Montella, Feb 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Feb 14, 2022 Krasni Okny, Ukraine 

Feb 14, 2022 Krasni Okny, Ukraine 

"For those of you who that have asked about the situation in the Ukraine, "Is Putin going to invade?" - I don't know... Am I scared? Absoultely not. What am I? I'm having a great time, we're ministering, serving people, this is where God's called me to be, I love it, I'm not leaving..." - Gregg Montella.

Gregg is staying in the region, working to help those in need. We are updating this page daily, sometimes twice daily with his direct updates. 

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