URGENT: Emergency Rescue Worker Fund

My phone won’t stop dinging — friends around the world asking how to help. Thank you!

Here’s how: WE NEED MONEY… FAST. Here’s why: …

DAY FIVE of a brutal war in Ukraine & our Heroes Humanitarian Response Team is on the ground, just minutes from the Ukrainian border.

Today and into the night, our Emergency Rescue Teams continue coordinating & executing extractions & refugee placement.

I spent the day with our key leadership organizing, streamlining, and formalizing our efforts based on what’s working.

An incredible group of fifteen Emergency Rescue Workers have assembled. The real heroes of this story.

They’re the ones saving the lives and they’re the ones we must help.

They stepped forward on Day One to volunteer, and have proven invaluable.

I need them full time for the next three months.

They’re locals who speak the language, know the roads, understand infrastructure and local culture. They get rescues done. Every. Single. Time.

But — They all have normal jobs. Half aren’t going, forgoing their paychecks to rescue women and children. They won’t be able to pay their bills and they don’t care.

The other half goes to work, and hurries here after. They have to earn cash or face eviction or worse. Being responsible, they miss rescue opportunities, and it makes me sick.

I want to hire them all, for three months. Their salaries now, at current jobs, are an average of just $400 per month.

I want to hire them all full-time, at $600 per month per person. That’s a 50% increase in salary, justified by what are proving to be 20 hour days, 6 days a week. It’s also very emotional work with legitimate hazards.

Here’s how the numbers break down: $600 per person per month salary. That’s $125/week.

Each Rescuer is bringing in an average of 6 - 20 desperate Ukrainians fleeing war every day.

At an average of 80 rescues per week = $2.01 per soul rescued.

I need them to KNOW they can work with us and still pay their rent, bills, eat, and have just enough left over at the end to go somewhere if they need.

I’m watching my dear Moldovan friends, many formally suffering severe depression and hopelessness, COME ALIVE!

They’re finding their purpose serving God & humanity with Heroes International, as together we live the Gospel, sharing the great love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

This is our most urgent need and a great deal for everyone. Let’s formalize their work and deputize our 15 hard working friends as our official Heroes Emergency Rescue Team!

600 = Secures one Emergency Rescuer Worker for one month

$1,800 = Secures one Emergency Rescue Worker for three months

$9,000 = Secures all 15 workers NOW for one month. Now is the most urgent crisis and NOW is when I need every single one of them!

$27,000 = Secures all 15 workers now and for the next three months, until we pray Ukraine is again safe and free.

Positions they’re taking already:

1. Communications. Identifying who to rescue and where. Communicating with husbands in Ukraine and family abroad to get people out and safely delivered or temporarily established.

2. GO TEAMS. Ready to go at a moment’s notice, they’re working 20 hours a day doing the most emotional and grueling work.

3. Counselors. Staff that have already been focusing on the emotional and mental health of arriving women and children, from the moment of pick up and through assimilation.

4. Drivers. The unsung heroes of the story! Some are driving 18 hours a day, loading, transporting, and unloading our precious Ukrainian guests.

5. Administration and Collection Point Staff. Receiving aid like blankets and food, organizing, distributing, ensuring the rest of us are functioning as easily as possible.

You can sponsor as many workers as you want for 1 month or as many workers as you want for as many months as you want on a monthly basis. Share with your friends, share with your church! 

Follow my real time updates on the situation in ukraine here

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