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Ukraine Relief Long Term Needs
Be One of the Helpers


Don't Feel Helpless! Be a Helper!

Do you watch the news reports coming out of Ukraine and feel helpless? You don't have to. You can be one of the helpers. 

  • $10,000 puts an Emergency Rescue Van on the road. They carry 15-50 civilians to safety every single day! We are looking to build a fleet.
  • $5,000 purchases half of an Emergency Rescue Van and moves us at warp speed towards rescuing more people.
  • $1,800 funds & fuels a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker for 3 months
  • $600 gives wings to a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker for one month. The amount of good a local helper can do on the field is FAR MORE than even I could by myself! We are looking to build an army. 
  • $125 releases a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker to do 7 days of crazy good here in Moldova or Ukraine — or both!
  • $100 fills the tank of an Emergency Rescue Van, sending it hundreds of miles with VERY precious cargo — women & children delivered out of war zones, and medical and food supplies pouring in for those who can’t leave.
  • $25 Funds a local Heroes Relief & Rescue Aid Worker to operate in Ukraine , Moldova , or both, for a full and productive day. In one day, one person can bring 12 - 50 people to safety. Money well spent!
  • $5 is a powerful seed sharing God’s love in practical ways with Ukrainians in desperate need of help. 

Mobile Payment Apps:

Venmo @HeroesInternational (last 4 of phone number is 1844 if they ask!)
CashApp $HeroesInternational
PayPal: greggmontella@mac.com


Electronic Transfer Information:

BC Victoriabank SA


   Street:  31 August str. 141
    City: Chisinau 
    Post/ZIP code: MD 2004
    Nation: Republic of Moldova 

Fiscal Code:  561960820
IBAN:  MD27VI225922202251259479 

Receiver’s Name:  Montella, GREGORY JAMES