We Need Go Teams

Update March 23 2022:

What is a Go Team? A Go Team is people like you that give $5, $10, $20, $100 [or more, towards the cost of running the rescue vans]. It costs about $100 to fuel one of these rescue vans to get it from Kyiv to the border and $100 to get it back with aid. So they bring it to the border, they pick up supplies from the other side, and take back into Kyiv. $100 rescues a family, rescues multiple families. We need many of those. Each vehicle needs at least $100 a day, at least. And with the multiple drivers the great thing is they’re able to run these busses as much as they can… 

BEST DEAL EVER. Totally worth it! 

Let’s do this. 

Gregg Montella, March 22 2022. 

And consider joining our GO TEAM! How can you make a difference from home? WATCH TO FIND OUT!

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