Days ago, 130,000 Russian troops invaded the entirety of Ukraine by storm. Assaults by land, air, and sea are taking the lives of hundreds of Ukrainians, perhaps more, as civilians are under attack.

This act of war is on the scale of the 1941 assault on the same region.

Millions of Ukrainians are fleeing for their lives. Border crossings are backed up in some places for 10 miles or more. Many are abandoning their cars and entering Moldova by foot. Even more have no vehicles, mothers and children who left in dead of night, under the light of artillery fire.

The arrive with their children, carrying only the clothes on their backs. They’re cold and hungry, desperate for safety, warmth, food, water, a bed to sleep in.

Heroes International has scrambled its resources and is coordinating a massive rescue plan.

Partnering with drivers, landlords, hoteliers, counselors, and local businesses we are ensuring as many desperate single mothers, their children, and the elderly are protected and provided for.

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