Update March 11, 2022:

The first van has been purchased. We are looking for funds to buy more vans to rescue more people. Will you help? 

Kyiv is getting worse as you've seen on the news. They are closing in. Subway systems are overcrowded but we can help get people out with your help. 

My dear friend “D” is IN KYIV, Ukraine’s capital city which is under fierce attack. HE NEEDS A VAN RIGHT NOW to evacuate women & children. He has been helping us get people out and we need to help ramp up this effort - fast. "

“D” is a wild man in the Spirit, a prophetic prayer and pastor, single, who was born for such a time as this. 

He’s been coordinating rescues over the phone and NEEDS to get behind the wheel himself. Now. 

I’d trust him with my life!

Tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in underground subway systems. Many elderly people, many pregnant ladies, many mothers with multiple young children. 

Russians continue indiscriminate bombing of entire cities, and hit squads in plain clothes are going door to door, raping women (even the elderly) & executing entire families. 

Civilians need OUT of Kyiv, Ukraine, and we will give them wings out TODAY, IF you’ll JOIN ME IN RISING TO THE OCCASION. 

$10,000 USD will translate into up to 100 people shuttled out of Kyiv to either trains or other rescue vehicles EVERY DAY. 

BEST DEAL EVER. Totally worth it! 

Let’s do this. 

Gregg Montella, March 6 2022. 

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