Gregg Montella here!

Right now we have 20 tons of food being delivered to our brand new base here in the middle of Ukraine. This food is going to be distributed over the next week to villages wiped out during Russian occupation and the survivors are desperately hungry, in need of food, water, and medicine.

We were here when the war started and we will be here long after the war is over, sharing God’s love in the form of food: 20 tons of food now being brought in and being distributed to some of Ukraine’s hungriest people there in the North. In the South it looks like 40 tons of food now, we’ll be brining in and distributing to the hungriest people.

But we need your help, 20 tons of food in Kyiv it costs money, it’s going to some of the most desperate people, 40 tons, our goal is to have 80 tons by the end of next month and 100 tons of food a month by the end of the year.

My super power is YOU! Together we’re able to change the world!

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