New Site • New Projects • New Heroes

Doing good should feel good. Helping change the world is exciting; it’s fun. I love it!

That’s why we’re changing everything at Heroes International.

We want your online experience to reflect what we feel every day. Joy. Adventure. The satisfaction of knowing that, together, we’re making a miraculous difference.

Everyone wants to do something heroic, something meaningful, beyond themselves, at least once in their lives. We’re here to make that happen — not just once, but any time you want.

Just a click, a gift, a call, or a trip…

We believe in the Hero in You!

Now We Rise

The 300 Club

The 300 Club. Join the 300 Team of Heroes for individuals/families. Exclusively for the first 300 people to partner with us at $30/month or more. You’ll have exclusive access to my behind-the-scenes mission video journal, and priority access to upcoming mission trips and service opportunities. Additionally, we are opening a private, first class apartment in Chisinau, Moldova to house members of our 300 Club on VIP mission trips, for up to one week, every other year. Our monthly budget, at the moment, is right at $9,000 USD, and this Team of Heroes will ensure everyone we serve will be reached on time, every time.

Fellowship of 12

The Fellowship of Twelve, for Churches. Pray about joining our Heroic Church Fellowship, a team comprised of the first 12 churches anywhere in the world committed to sowing at least $150/month into the work of the ministry of Heroes International. In this fellowship, we commit to visiting each local church, anywhere in the world, for at least one weekend every year, to share, inspire, express gratitude, share service opportunities, have a cookie night, and give thanks for their faithful generosity.


COVID-19 Relief: An Urgent, One-time Gift of any amount, to help us fight the effects of COVID-19 in the most vulnerable families. Any generous gift, right now, would be a tremendous help! Fallout from the global pandemic has hit our villages, and starving families are begging us for even a loaf of bread and emergency medical care. We are answering the call.!

Heroes Unite!

Gregg Montella
Heroes International