Nastya Surgery

Now is your chance to make a difference! Help save Nastya’s life!

Nastya is 22 years old, lives in the Ukraine, and is a good follower of Christ. She is very optimistic at 22 years old. She has a severely curved spine and without immediate surgery, her internal organs will begin to shut down and she would also become paralyzed. We are raising money for her surgery which will cost roughly $10,000.

Update 3/19/2021: We have raised $10,000 for Nastya’s surgery but we are continuing to raise another $1500 for rehabilitation / therapy after the surgery. Nastya has a long road ahead of her after surgery. Would you consider giving to this need? If so please click the green button below:

Now to save a life… Time for ANOTHER Miracle Surgery! This time, for my precious friend Nastya. Just look at her smile!

Nastya is a vibrant, optimistic, faith-filled young woman who has been praying for a miracle her whole life. Now with your help, it’s her time!

Can you believe the ENTIRE PROCEDURE to COMPLETELY restore her spine, mobility, and health costs ONLY $10,000? We’ve teamed up with one of the BEST surgeons in the world who has offered to perform this vital operation for this very special price. (Normally, the cost can be $130,000 or more!)

Nastya’s doctors say the window for corrective surgery is closing. Without intervention, she may never have a safe pregnancy, her organs will be crushed, and, in time, she will likely become paralyzed.

Our friends have ALREADY raised more than half of the $10,000, so now we need JUST $4,500. Let’s do it! .

This is a true miracle for Nastya, because where she lives in Ukraine, the average monthly salary is $250. She would need to work FOUR YEARS straight, and not spend a kopek (the Ukrainian penny) elsewhere, to afford this procedure.

Can we show her some love right now, and confirm what her heart is telling her, that she will LIVE, that God is LOVE! That He’s heard her prayers, that her spine SHALL be straight, and that the best is yet to come for her life!

Whatever your best gift could be, would you please join me, and the whole Heroes family, in helping sponsor Nastya’s Miracle Surgery?

All in the love, glory, and matchless name of Jesus! Just $4,500 left to go.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

YOU are my heroes!


P.S. I CAN’T WAIT to see the look on her face when we tell her the full $10,000 has come in! We’ll snap a pic of this priceless moment for you, and follow her journey!

P.P.S. If you prefer a different venue for giving, private message, call, or email me 🙂