Individual Partnership

1. The 300 Club
For the first 300 people to partner with us at $30/month or more, you’ll have exclusive access to Gregg’s behind-the-scenes mission video journal, priority access to upcoming mission trips and service opportunities, and quarterly newsletters highlighting the real-life stories of those whose lives are being impacted.

2. The League of Seventy
To meet the needs of our budget, Heroes is assembling an elite team of 70 partners to join at $100 or more per month. You’ll get the same benefits as above, plus a special year-end gift as our way of saying how much your participation is appreciated!

3. Emergency COVID-19 Relief
An urgent, one-time gift of any amount helps us bring lifesaving relief to suffering, vulnerable families hit hardest by COVID-19 and restrictive lockdown measures. UNICEF estimates up to eight times the number of deaths by starvation as a direct result of “COVID-curbing” lockdowns as those who die from COVID itself.  Any generous gift, right now, would be a tremendous help! Fallout from the global pandemic has hit our villages,  and starving families are begging us for even a loaf of bread. Heroes teams have worked overtime from Day One of the current crisis, putting their lives on the line, and will continue to do so, as every gift provides immediate, tangible help. Together, we are answering the call!