Church Partnership

1. Fellowship of Twelve
The first 12 churches, anywhere in the world, committed to sowing any specific amount per month into the work of the ministry of Heroes International. To express our gratitude, we commit to visiting each church for one weekend every year to build relationship, share, inspire, discuss custom-built mission trip opportunities, perhaps have a cookie night, and worship God together for His for faithfulness in creatively fulfilling the Great Commission. 

2. War & Peace Heroes!
Churches have a unique opportunity to sponsor one of our 32 courageous missionary partners who risk their lives every day in an active war zone.  Tirelessly, they are bringing lifesaving supplies and spiritual support to vulnerable women, children, and seniors trapped in Ukraine’s “no-man’s land” as Russia mercilessly battles for territory. Supply lines to many civilians are shut off; markets are shuttered; and fighting continues as hordes of rogue soldiers terrorize the forgotten. But our Peace Heroes bring supplies like food, formula, diapers, medicine, warm clothes, and toys to those whose earthly possessions have been reduced to nearly nothing. $200/month meets the immediate needs of one of these selfless missionaries, and each additional $100/month provides resources for a widow or family in their care. If your church would like to extend its reach to an active warzone, bringing love, peace, and reconciliation in Jesus’ Name, click here.

3. A Sovietic Visioneering Adventure
Houses of faith looking to make an enduring impact on a foreign field are invited to link up with Heroes’ director & staff in Moldova or Ukraine for a one-of-a-kind guided tour to the frontlines of what could be when we dream God’s dreams. You’ll meet onsite, face-to-face with faithful local ministers, volunteers, and social workers observe (and participate, if you wish!) incredibly efficient outreaches, hear firsthand testimonies from those whose lives are being touched, and have complete freedom to form strategic partnerships to share God’s love and expand His kingdom in exciting new ways.